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Dear Charles, I’m just thankful you don’t publish all the e-mails I send you with the subject line: “You are crazy.”  At any rate, here are some fun articles from the last couple of days.  (You did see the CNN article David wrote called “Why Evangelicals Should Dump Newt?”  It got almost 700 comments!)  Here are the non-French articles!


Newt is Down and Finally Out of the Running…  He Just Doesn’t Know It Yet by Jen Rubin:

Newt’s failure is part of a larger failure: the infantilism of the 1960s generation. In his narcissism, impulsiveness and deviancy, Newt is at one with the Clintons. Mitt — and for that matter, [Rick] Santorum — are just the opposite. They are straight arrows and duty-bound. They would not be a riot of scandals in the White House, but is it not about time that we leave the scandals to Hollywood?

The Great Man’s Wife by Maureen Dowd compares Callista to Ann Romney.

Romney Cleans Up by Jen Rubin:  How big did he win in Nevada?

• Mitt Romney won among conservatives, Tea Party members, women, men, low income, high income, etc.
• Mitt Romney won a majority of “very conservative” voters (51percent). He defeated Newt Gingrich (40-31percent) among strong Tea Party voters. He won 48 percent of the vote among evangelicals (48–27 percent) over Newt Gingrich.
• Like Florida, Mitt Romney won handily among voters who said electability was the most important quality in a candidate.
• Like Florida, Mitt Romney won handily among voters who said the economy is the top issue.
• LDS voters make up 26 percent of the caucus votes. Even without the LDS votes, Mitt Romney still would have won decisively (by 17 points).
• While Mitt Romney won a majority of the LDS vote, he won among Protestants, Catholics and everybody else by wide margins.

CNN: Romney leaves Las Vegas holding all the cards:

He may be a non-gambler, but Mitt Romney had a good night in Vegas. He left town as the night’s big winner, capturing his second strong victory in a row.

 BOSTON GLOBE : Tea Party voters more open to Romney:

 Tea Party activists, long dismissive of Mitt Romney, insist that most of the movement’s legions will back him if he continues to surge toward nomination, with a few already urging Republicans of all kinds to unite now to defeat President Obama.

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9 Responses to A Round Up of Interesting Articles

  1. Terry says:

    Newt’s Numbers in Nevada better than Romney’s?

    Newt was on Hannity pointing out why his voting numbers in Nevada were actually better than Mitt’s numbers. According to the Newtster, in every district he won, the voting numbers were up from what they were in 2008. Whereas, in the districts Romney won, the voting numbers were down from what they were in 2008. I failed to see the point he was trying to make. The only conclusion I could come to was that Newt should be glad that Romney’s voting numbers less than in 2008.

  2. RC says:

    Newt should be Glad

    Terry makes an excellent talking point. Noot should be totally excited……….but I think his anger and hostility is somehow getting in the way. The Newtster is totally imploding. I haven’t seen anyone come apart at the seams more like Noot. He is totally FRAYED.

    My only concern now is how are co-citizens are going to sort through the media crap coming into Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri. Are they going to wane or are they going to have their heads screwed on? Tomorrow will tell. Santorum has NO chance of beating Obama, you all know that, but somehow the media is going to try and make this circus last as long as possible.

  3. Brandon from NJ says:

    Santorum and Gingrich are both disqualified from Missouri, they failed to take advance action on the ballots, like some commentators, I myself, am not Mormon, but I would rather have a Mormon and a businessman who shows that he can plan and effectively run his campaign than a Christian who in how he acts, cannot effectively represent virtues such as honesty, good family structure, and so on that represent plenty of what general Christian families should be, and should be striving for. I would have the hardest time telling my kid, that yeah, I am a Christian who seeks to show that I made a lifetime commitment to your mom, and to you as my child, but I voted for a guy who is totally against that, on the other hand, yes, I did vote for a guy who didn’t attend church like we did, but he did carry the general example of what should be a goal for me and hopefully yourself.

  4. Terry says:

    Santorum wins, so Dems slam Mitt?

    Bummer on the Santorum clean-up, although I was happy to see the Newtster do so poorly. However, there’s plenty more states to go yet. I though that Mitt was very gracious in congratulating Rick. The thing that caught my eye was several articles on CNN quoting Obama Dems slamming Mitt, postulating that his losses proved that he would do and say anything to get elected, that he was this and that, blah-blah-blah, etc., etc. One article discussing the birth control issue claimed that this should be a warning to all women in America to watch out for Mitt. I’m thinking “Huh?”

    The Obama camp does not want Mitt as the GOP nominee. And I’m not sure that Rich Santorum is prepared for the reality of what’s coming his way from the Obama crew if he wins the nomination.

    Mitt is the only one with the organization to effectively combat the Obama machine.

    • RC says:

      Santorum Wins, but…….

      I really want to know what the voter turnout was for the 3 states. Was the voter turnout between 80-100%? Or 60-79%? Or, 40-59%? Or lower than 40%?

      No DELEGATES involved with yesterday’s voting. The media called it the “Beauty Contest”. I bet the votes would have been entirely different if the percent of voters were a normal Primary.

      I think this only puts a slight dent, and I mean a slight dent in the Romney campaign. The next States that involve Delegates are Michigan and Arizona. Romney should do very well in both states. I am still optimistic about Romney being the nominee.

  5. RC says:

    Hold on there just a minute…..

    I have done a little bit of searching and found that the voter turnout was a heck of alot less than even anticipated. The voter turnout was:

    Colorado 1.3 %
    Missouri 6.0 %
    Minnesota 1.0 %

    Colorado 46 %
    Missouri 42 %
    Minnesota 37 %

    Here is a website that describes and explains that Santorum really didn’t win.

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