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In case you missed it, Charles appeared on the radio show of Robert Rees this morning. Here’s the audio, but for the record, I’d let Mitt and Ann babysit any of my kids anytime!

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10 Responses to Charles on the Radio

  1. Layne Pitcher says:

    Always impresses with how articulate you all are when you describe why Mitt Romney should be our next president. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in.

  2. Elaine Sloan says:

    This was good until he said he wouldn’t leave his children for a time with the Romney’s. That’s the jolted me when I heard it. Not good. The question then becomes – Why not?? I wanted to post this to my facebook page. But I won’t because of that rather thoughtless comment.

    • Terry says:

      The comment you are referring to begins at about 11:00 minutes into the interview. I listened to it several times, but didn’t comprehend what babysitting had to do with Mitt Romney. It could be a simple matter of familiarity. Political trust would be different than the trust one would have towards a person whom you invite to tend your children with from time to time. I doubt that Charles meant anything negative by the comment. Charles did say that he trusted Romney as a politician to do what he says he will do, and that’s good enough for me.

      Maybe Charles will clarify that comment for us…?

  3. cwride says:

    Also enjoyed it until the “would not let him watch my kids” comment. I’ve been a Romney fan for years and think he’s the real deal. Charles pointed out that we’re essentially trusting politicians with the future of our children, but then said he wouldn’t trust one to watch his kids for the evening – hope he misspoke there. Unrelated, but yesterday Michael Medved hit it right on when he said that one of the reasons Mitt Romney doesn’t connect so well is that his faith is such a big part of him, but he can’t really talk about it. Most Christians are suspicious of it, only take it seriously as a “cult” and rank it far below other Christian churches. It’s too bad that an unfair characterization of his faith scares so many, and so leaves a helpful part of his life off-limits. I read one article of a co-worker at Bain saying that when they’d go out for drinks after work and Romney was never there they’d suggest they don’t really know him. More than likely, he was giving his 10-15 hours a week in church work/counseling which is something they didn’t know about and couldn’t relate to if they did.

  4. Terry says:

    Okay…after reading several articles over the past few days, especially at, I have come to the conclusion that Rick Santorum is in no way qualified to be president of the United States. He’s a motorboat guy who is hoping to step into the position of Master Mariner, but without the experience or training to go with it. I listened to a recent interview of Donald Trump who told the radio host that the Obama Team would be literally salivating if Santorum won the GOP nomination–because of the ease with which they could take Santorum apart. I had to agree with Trump’s assessment. And you know what? It gave me a very sour feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think Rick’s a nice guy, a good family man, and a deeply religious person. But it’s going to take a lot more than that to defeat Obama–and once defeated, get this country back on track in the shortest amount of time possible. According to Trump, Mitt is the ONLY candidate with the necessary experience and toughness to do that.

    I think he’s dead on in his assessment.

  5. Jenny B says:

    Great show. And I, too, would leave my kids with Mitt and Ann although I’ve never met them personally. Their values and the way they’ve lived their lives make them trustworthy in my eyes. (But I know where he was coming from- when you don’t know someone personally, it’s a little awkward to hand your kids over to them. Ha! ) :) Nice job .

  6. Momof Four says:

    I attended a rally today with Mitt and Ann both in attendance. I met Mitt on his book tour, and I have attended a town hall event he gave. This is the first time I have seen Ann in person. She is a lovely person. I mean, really good, deep down. I think I could be persuaded to leave my kids with them, and I don’t leave my children with just anyone.

    Ann spoke about the time when their boys were little and how Mitt would encourage her every day by reminding her that what she was doing was far more important than what he did. She also said that her favorite part of having grandchildren is when they misbehave. She said, “I tell my boys that they deserve it.” She was funny and engaging. Having Ann around always lights Mitt up; I like to see it.

    Mitt also quoted Dick Armey when he said, “The American Dream is not owning your own home; it is getting your children out of it.” That is funny!

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