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Mitt Romney celebrates primary victory in Florida

After last night’s huge win, Jordan Sekulow, Matt Clark, and I took a look at the exit polls and noticed some key facts: Mitt won Catholics, Protestants, and edged Newt with evangelicals. ┬áHave conservative Christians found their candidate?

Head over to the Washington Post and read our analysis.

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3 Responses to Evangelicals Are Moving to Mitt!

  1. RC says:

    I see barriers being broken down, especially from the Florida primary results. I’m sure that religious bigotry will always be with us, however, I believe somehow, somewhere, the frost is being removed from the hearts of many Christians. By coming together in a common cause, such as this one (which is paramount) we can join hand in hand and unite and become a powerful voice once again, just like our Founding Fathers.

    • Terry says:

      I echo RC’s sentiments. Evangelicals (and some Mormons, also) are going to discover that joining hands for a common political cause, in no way diminishes from their faith as Evangelicals or Mormons. I’ve thought for years that this time was coming–was inevitable in fact. And thanks to EFM’s stellar work over the years, we see it happening before our very eyes.

  2. Terry says:

    Okay…I have to comment on Mitt’s “I’m not concerned about the poor” remark and all the hoop-la the media is making of it. Naturally, the first thing that happened was that the phrase “not concerned” was changed by the media to “don’t care”, and set them to wondering if Mitt’s supposed gaff could jeopardize his chances of becoming president. In reply to that, Rush had an interesting comment on his show today. He said that the remark wouldn’t make any difference in the long run, because no matter what Mitt says or doesn’t say, that is not going to lessen the upcoming down and dirty attack the Obama camp is going to lay on whoever ends up as the GOP nominee. Rush commented that even if Mother Theresa was running, by the time the opposition was through with her, she would come out looking like a prostitute with a dozen or so illegitimate children.

    That said, (and I’m going engage in a little armchair quarterbacking here), Mitt, or whoever it is, absolutely can not allow himself to get side-tracked trying to defend himself from the accusations that will come. He has to stay on the offensive. For Mitt, I would suggest that he make his “Heh-heh…nice try” phrase that he used so effectively at times in the debates, his standard answer to any charge leveled against him–similar to what Ronald Reagan did with his “there you go again” put-down during his debates.

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