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As I mentioned recently, some of us at Evangelicals for Mitt have been really caught up in the ups and downs of this Presidential race. We’ve noticed that our attitudes and emotions have been directly tied to polls, successes, and failures of the race.  This meant we were elated over Iowa, happy over New Hampshire, angry after South Carolina, and – then — incredibly disappointed when Iowa went into Santorum’s column.

That’s where we are, in the middle of all this chaos.  I think God is working on our hearts throughout this election and He may be working on yours too.

Psalm 57:7 says, “My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed: I will sing and give praise.”

What is it fixed on?  The ever changing polls?  The new Santorum surge?  The most recent Romneycare lie?  Even the future occupant of the Oval Office?

No.  Our hearts should be fixed on God.

Our confession last week was that our hearts were more fixed on, well, The Fix instead of our creator.  And so, after consulting with some of our EFMers, far and wide, we decided to take a reader up on a challenge e-mailed to us a couple of weeks ago.  (Thanks, Terry.)

We’ve decided to begin regular, weekly fasts between now and the election, and we’d like to ask you to join us.

What exactly are we doing and what are we asking you to do?

Fasting is simply abstaining from food for a certain amount of time in order to seek God.  It was a normal, and expected spiritual discipline in both the Old and New Testament time periods. (King David, Moses, and even Jesus fasted.)

This isn’t some sort of spiritual ploy to earn God’s favor.  Nor is it a way to manipulate this election or even create our desired outcome. This is a plea to God for our nation.

When: Every Monday, we will be fasting.  You are welcome to join us – or not.  No pressure.  If you don’t want to do this regularly, please consider joining us in a one-time nation-wide fast on Monday, March 5th – the day before Super Tuesday.

How: Most of us will be fasting from food.  Some of us will also be fasting from Drudge, Fox News, CNN, and even blogging.  You might want to fast from just lunch (or meat, or chocolate, or whatever.  Just do what you’re led to do.)

Who:   Anyone can join us, regardless of party or preferred candidate.

What to Pray: Of course, you can focus on whatever you’d like in your own prayers.  Here are some of the things we might be praying about:

  1. For our current President, that he’d have the moral and political courage to do what is best for the nation.
  2. For our next president, that he’d set high moral and ethical standards of conduct for himself and those associated with him, setting and example for other world leaders to follow.
  3. For our economy.
  4. That judges of high moral character and sharp, legal minds would be added to the Supreme Court.
  5. That the evil of abortion will end.

Starting this list makes me realize how many things could be on this list.  I also want to pray specifically for the Romneys, for fortitude and peace as they go through this election cycle.

I also want to pray for my own heart that I’ll trust in God more than I trust in our government or our leaders.

We started yesterday and will do it until the next President is elected.  Want to join us?  Please consider joining us on Mondays, with a special fast on March 5th.

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36 Responses to Fasting for America

  1. Matt in Idaho says:

    I appreciate your call to turn this over to a higher power. And, as the Psalm states, “be still and know that I am God”. I really love the idea of fasting. It requires humility and a certain amount of faith to know that it is in His hands. You are really setting a good example and I for one appreciate it. Keep up the GREAT work.

  2. Robert A. Romney says:

    I have been following EFM since the last election cycle. Your families’ unshakeable loyalty to God, family, and country keeps my focus on these things that matter most. Your fasting idea is great…count on our family, too. In Daniel chapter 3 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego told King Nebuchadnezzar that they truly believed their God could deliver them from the fiery furnace,” BUT IF NOT”,they would still trust in Him. With that kind of faith, this country will also be delivered.

  3. harv butler says:

    Mitt’s 3rd cousin once removed here! going through Franklin tomorrow, Wednesday, and would love to shake the hand of great folks like you. Love the fasting idea and will join you in this critical effort. If you could spare 30 seconds or a bit more anytime tomorrow I’d greatly appreciate a call or email!!!!!!!!!

    1 801 5400998 Thank you!

  4. Adrienne says:

    I am joining in. I was just telling my husband how fearful I am. We will all join in. Not complete abstinence from food because I can’t, but I will choose certain foods and times of eating to fast from and/or other things as well. And it might be for more than just Monday.
    Thanks for the “push”, Nancy. Just what I needed.

  5. RC says:

    I Will Stand With You

    I will proudly stand with you, shoulder to shoulder, in this great cause. “United We Stand, divided we fall”. Isn’t it so true. We are at the very epicenter of saving the Soul of America. The works of darkness are ever present and all around us. Lift up your heads and be of good cheer, have faith, show courage, stand a little taller, be a little kinder. Let us show the opposition that they cannot thwart us from our strong determination to make a difference. May God bless America.

    p.s. – I hope and pray that Larry can join with us, to be united and not divided… be of one heart and one mind.

  6. RC says:

    We are asking for a show of hands, how many will join with us in this Great Cause. Virginia Brown, Cynthia N Castro, Richard Knecht, Carolyn Nielsen, Jim Tills, Shaun, Jenny B, Jean, Nancy, Frozone, Liz, Robert, Phillip Hall, Hannah Rebekah, Rex, Layne Pitcher, AmericanFirst, Tony Davis, Kay, Driggs, Jordan, Debra Copass, jason in Ohio, Lori, Uaintdown and many many more.

    If we all joined in and we each shared this with one other person and they shared with one other person, this could be a force for good. As for me and my house, we can fast for our Nation. We need to fast for our Nation.

  7. Terry says:

    One good way to get the word out–and what I personally am going to do– is post a link to this article ( on other political blogs, YouTube, Facebook, and other sites I frequent. I have to believe that there are still many righteous people in this country who are deeply concerned over the direction this nation is heading, and who would like to do something on a personal level to help turn things around, but don’t know what that something is. Thus the need for spreading the word. Rather than hoping that others will stumble on to this web site, we could get a lot more participation by taking the word to them. Missionaries for Liberty, so-to-speak. It’s something anyone can do from their own home. (Just a suggestion.)

  8. Jenny B says:

    I’m in :) And I will spread the word :) This will help me out emotionally a LOT! I’m a stay-at-home mom, and , to be honest, I haven’t kept up with current events in recent years. I started reading No Apology, and that’s what got me started on all of this. I feel so strongly that God has placed Mitt here at this time to “restore America to Her greatness.” This article expresses just how I feel- and I desperately need to turn the emotional side of this over to the Lord. I also have a confession to make, I am a Latter-Day-Saint. I came across your blog in search of positive channels of information about Mitt’s race. I would get down from reading so many negative and skewed headlines. I love this blog and the perspective you all share with me. I know you don’t mind having a “Mormon” on board :) Thanks for joining us all together in these weekly fasts, may God bless America and keep all of us Mitt-junkies SANE during this polical process :)

    • Terry says:

      Jenny…you are not alone here. I am also LDS. I don’t know the numbers, but I dare say that there are many Mormons on board with this web site. I’ve been following them since the last election. I’ve always felt as if I was just part of one big family of Evangelicals and Mormons, working together for a common cause.

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      I am not Mormon, but I am on board for this as well. I am more than willing to give a former businessman some support in the run for the presidency, a successful one, I might add, who has been frugal, forward, and also had the experience as governor to add on top of that. I am also thankful for his organizing work for the Olympics, in which Salt Lake City was the City to represent our nation for international sporting, it was disappointing to see the scandal in earlier months, but also great to see how it was cleared up and turned out to be a successful Winter Olympics, thanks, as I later learned, to his management. I can see that he’s a decent guy with executive material to him, and even as someone not of your faith, and much like Nancy and David, it’s in my interest to offer some support.

  9. Tracy says:

    This is an incredible idea! It came at just the right time. I have been so depressed and frustrated. You articulated my thoughts perfectly. In fact, I think this is an answer to prayer. EFMers you are right on the money. Thank you!

  10. Susan Robison says:

    George Washington once called for a fast for our nation. Kudos to your “Terry” friend for suggesting one now. I am joining this fast on purpose! I missed the post on Monday, so I am participating today and every Monday. I love our nation and the good things it stands for.

  11. Ryan in Georgia says:

    I don’t know what to say. When I read this post, I felt the spirit touch my heart in way that it soften the anxiety I had been feeling the last few days of poll watching. I know that a fast for our country in general and for our elected leaders is a perfect thing to do. There is power in fasting and I am not only on board but the message will be spread to all those I know. Thank you again for your positive message.

  12. Momof Four says:

    Thank you for proposing this. I found myself on my knees just this morning praying that God’s will is done and for peace. I also prayed for Mitt and his family that they will be strong and able to stand as they need to do. I was wondering how I will handle the anxiety of the primaries; perhaps this is my answer. Thank you.

    It is often helpful to begin and end fasting with a prayer. Sometimes people have health problems that prevent them from fasting. It is good to consecrate any amount of time that you can offer as a fast.

    Another thing that may be useful is to reread Isaiah chapter 58 verses 3-12. In verse 9 it says, “Then shalt thou call, and the LORD shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I AM.” I think it’s one of the most beautiful promises given in the Bible!

  13. Sharlene and Russ says:

    I got tears in my eyes as I read this post. What a beautiful, inspired idea. You can count on us to join in fasting. Thank you for all you do.

  14. Hannah Rebekah says:

    Thank you so much. What a wonderful faith promoting course of action to take. You can defiantly count me in.
    I would like to share some other thoughts about fasting that may be of interest to some.

    The Mormons have a program that is called “fast offerings.” “This unusual practice involves the giving up of two meals on the first Sunday of each month (Fast Sunday), the price of which is turned over to the church as a voluntary contribution to support and feed the poor.” (This program explains why Romney’s contributions exceeded more than the 10% tithe to the church. This money is used exclusively for the welfare program, to take care of those in need.)

    Ancient Christianity also engaged in this “unusual practice.”

    “[t]hat day on which thou fastest thou shalt taste nothing at all but bread and water; and computing the quantity of food which thou art wont to eat upon other days, thou shalt lay aside the expense which thou shouldest have made that day, and give it unto the widow, the fatherless, and the poor.” (Shepherd of Hermas, Similitude V:28-30.)

    John W. Welch, founder of the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS) writes about “Fasting in Earliest Christianity.” He explains:

    “From the Sermon on the Mount, we know that Jesus instructed his earliest disciples to fast, Matthew 6:17–18; and from his admonition that certain evil spirits come out only from fasting and prayer, we know that his early apostles fasted, Matthew 17:21. But from the New Testament as it exists today, we have little idea how these early Christians fasted. We learn only that they were told not to fast as the hypocrites who disfigure their faces to be seen of men.

    “Interestingly, a very early Christian text entitled the Shepherd of Hermas provides considerable information about the prescribed practice of fasting among very early Christians. Probably written near Rome and perhaps as early as the first generation after the time when the apostles Peter and Paul were in Italy, this text was accepted as scripture by many Christian Fathers of the second and third centuries. It was even included effectively as scripture in the extremely important fourth-century Codex Siniaticus, housed for centuries in the library at St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai, which I visited earlier this year in connection with advancing the work of the FARMS Early Christianity Initiative.

    “In this book, Hermas receives several visions, commandments, and parables from the oracles of the Lord. In Parable 5, Hermas is instructed how to fast. In particular, he is told:

    1. You are first to “guard against every evil word and every evil desire, and cleanse your heart of all the vanities of this world.”
    2. Then you must “estimate the cost of the food you would have eaten on that day on which you intend to fast, and give it to a widow or an orphan or someone in need.”
    3. Moreover, “you must observe these things with your children and your whole household and in observing them you will be blessed [makarioi].”
    4. Furthermore, those who receive fast offerings are to pray “on behalf of [hyper]” those who have extended their generosity in this way.

    “This fast,” the Christian is told, “is very good in keeping the Lord’s commandments,” and if you will do these things, “this fast of yours will be perfect [teleia]” and “your sacrifice will be acceptable in God’s sight, and this fast will be recorded, and service performed in this way is beautiful and joyous”

    Interestingly, the Old Latin version of the Shepherd of Hermas was first published in 1873 in Germany, and with the study of the crucial Greek text in Codex Siniaticus in the late nineteenth century, people soon realized the great antiquity of this important document.” The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) teaches and operates a regular program of fasting along these earliest Christian lines and has done so since the earliest days of the church, the mid-1800′s.

  15. RobinforMitt says:

    It is so right that people are willing to fast for our nation. There is a power in fasting and prayer that can cast out darkness, “This kind cometh not out save by fasting and prayer”. Our nation is on a dangerous and dark course and if every person of faith would join in this fast then we will be combatting that darkness. Thank you for starting this. I will be joining you every Monday.

  16. carnie says:

    I missed this past Monday, so I fasted on Wed. Thank you for suggesting that we unite together in fasting and prayer that our country may choose wisely and well in the upcoming election. May Mitt Romney be our next president if it is the Lord’s will. Fasting in this way will bring us strength and will bring strength to the nation!
    Thank you, Nancy.

  17. Marein Gartside says:

    It is an honor to join in this fast for the Lord’s blessings on our nation, and for the the best person to lead our country – according to the will and wisdom of the Lord. Thanks for all you do, and especially for uniting us in this fast!

    • Kay Stephens says:

      I hope that we are able to pray for wisdom as we vote and that there will be enough of us who care for this country to continue

  18. ccr says:

    Unity and respect for one another is what our country sorely needs. Thank you for your “movement” to unite good, honest, believing people for our great and blessed country.

    God above hears our prayers……

  19. Lisa says:

    Thank you! What an inspired message from everyone. I rejoice in the idea to join forces of all faiths to pray for the well-being of this nation. Many times when I find myself frustrated and angry about what is going on, it’s only through prayer that life comes into perspective. We are at war with the adversary who is the enemy of God. As we call upon the Lord in unity, He will hear our cry to soften hearts. I will join each of you in this weekly fast that this country may see clearly the individual being called to protect this nation and constitution from any more destruction, God Bless America!!

  20. Maureen says:

    I so agree to the ups and downs of the campaign. Prayer is so essential to getting the right president leading our country. There are many of us who feel strongly about Romney! Sometimes we have to take a break from the polls as they are so up and down and cause division.

  21. Shirley Collinwood says:

    Oh my gosh! What a great idea. I happen to be a Mormon like Mitt Romney and I do pray all the time for him in my personal prayers and our family prayers. I do want him to become our next president but this is in God’s hand and I do believe God, if it is His will, will assist Mitt Romney and he will be successful in his bid for the presidency of the United States of America. I have believed for a very long time we desperately NEED a man of God in the Whitehouse and I can’t think of a better candidate than Mitt Romney. He is a man of God! He is honest, true, chaste and benevolent and virtuous and does good to all and I do believe he would be a great example as the leader of this GREAT nation that was founded by God and which is now so in danger of being destroyed. I am a mother, grandmother and great grandmother and have seen what has happened over the years to our great nation and I have lived on this earth long enough to know the measure of a man or woman. Now is the time for America to have a very moral leader who is truly a man of God and a man of family values. He would be so good at our country’s helm leading this country out of the mess so many have gotten us into. Americans have been asleep and they need to become interested in electing good leaders instead of letting others who want to turn America into Socialist country. Americans have elected BAD leader for this great country.

    I am with you all! Fasting is something we do in our church each month, anyway. Mormons are a fasting religious church. We do this once a month, or more often if necessary, and we contribute the money we would spend on two meals to the church as FAST offerings to help the poor and needy. It is called Fast Sunday and is usually held the first Sunday of each month. Yes, Yes, Yes! I will join you on Monday prior to the Super Tuesday because I KNOW God is watching over this great Country and He will answers prayers for He is the only one who can turn the tide in this country and help Mitt Romney become America’s next president. I will pray that Mitt and his family will have the spirit of God and be able to withstand the fiery darts of the adversary, Lucifer, and his minions who are busy at work trying to destroy Mitt Romney! Lest we forget, Satan is real and does not want this great nation to remain free to religion(s) or free speech and neither does Satan want America to have peace and prosperity. I will pray also for the people of this great nation that they will come unto Christ and see things as they really are and not the way they think things are. Americans need to WAKE UP and see what is being taken away from them inch by inch yard by yard and mile by mile. They need to pay attention and become interested in who is elected and build for what will be their better future under Mitt Romney’s leadership. I will pray that they will have a mighty change of heart and vote for the best person to be our leader and that person, in my humble opinion, is Mitt Romney. Thanks so much for the invitation to do what I can and that is fast and pray! Shirley Collinwood

  22. Rachel says:

    What a beautiful idea!! I am expecting and will not be fasting from food, but I will be fasting from something. Possibly sugar. I will assess what will be a legitimate fast for me and then join you on Monday’s. Thank you for all of your efforts and information regarding Mitt. I am LDS and was not sure if I should vote for Mitt Romney. After much research and being greatly influenced by your site, I am behind Mitt Romney and feeling very peaceful about my decision. Thank you for making your voice heard and for offering a different perspective for me.

  23. JML says:

    I too will join in and send this website to everyone I know. The early religious institutions of America fasted regularly to petition the Lord to deliver them from King George and his depressive rule. We must come together with our common faith in Jesus Christ and stand firm on the principles of righteousness to be worthy to see miracles happen
    in our day just as they saw them in early America. This nation was founded on fasting and prayer. The miracles have begun!
    Thank you Nancy!

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