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So, Charles, I just got a new 9mm for self defense and just took it across the street to my neighbors today to test it out.  Wow — this little Ruger LC9 has a kick.

At first, I kept firing low, because the jolt (and sound!) surprised me. However, I got used it it pretty quickly.  It has a laser, which I think I like.  (Everytime I see that red dot dance across the target, I think of almost every movie which uses that as a foreshadowing that someone is unknowingly about to get it.)  I like its size – it’s smaller than David’s — and it seems to fit nicely in a purse or jacket.

Just out of curiosity, what do you guys carry?

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6 Responses to My New Purchase

  1. Terry says:

    I don’t own a gun anymore. When I lived in Idaho several decades ago, I had a Browning .308 lever action rifle with a 4x scope. Good hunting rifle. Also had a .22 Winchester that I used for squirrel hunting. The local farmers liked squirrel hunters. We kept the squirrel population down in their wheat fields. The squirrels mostly set up home along the fence lines, and it not killed off, could put a fair-sized dent in the farmer’s profits from all the wheat they ate. One time my younger brother and a couple of friends killed 127 squirrels one afternoon in a small patch of ground that bordered a dirt road. The place stunk of dead squirrel bodies for several weeks after.

    • Terry says:

      Correction: the .22 rifle was a Ruger, not a Winchester, and it also had a 4x scope on it. (Old coot here–my mind is deteriorating.)

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