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The debate that’s happening right now on CNN will be the last time the GOP candidates debate before primaries in Arizona and Michigan — and before Super Tuesday… Thank goodness!

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8: 15 EasternNancy: The audience seems very pro-Mitt, no?

8:18 EasternNancy#RonPaul draws blood on #RickSantorum, at the #CNNdebate and in his SuperPac commercials.

8:21 Eastern - Nancy: Santorum’s condecending look isn’t very attractive via @jRubinblogger

8:22 Eastern - Nancy: Santorum bragging about being most fiscally conservative Senator, which is like being the tallest midget via Dan MacLaughlin.

8:22 Eastern - Nancy: NEVER A TAX INCREASE FOR @RICKSANTORUM? NOT SO FAST… via Gail Gitcho

8:22 Eastern - Nancy: Mitt is giving the “I am smiling but I am not happy” look to Santorum right now. #cnndebate via The Fix

8:28 Eastern - Nancy: Bridge to No Where first mention #CNNDebate

8:29 Eastern - Nancy: Olympics!! first mention #CNNDebate

8:29 Eastern - Nancy: Santorum: “You’re entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.” Romney: “I’ve heard that line before.”  Ouch!

8:32 Eastern - Nancy: #RonPaul “It’s all Congress’s fault!” #CNNDebate

8:34 Eastern - Nancy: Let’s get the audience to start chanting “We Want Satan!” via Jonah Goldberg

8:36 Eastern - Nancy: Nice try, but now let’s look at the facts! #CNNDebate, #MittRomney

8:36 Eastern - Nancy: #RickSantorum acts perpetually aggrieved.

8:47 Eastern - Nancy: Birth control booed — feel like i’m back in high school during church youth group #CNNDebate


8:51 Eastern - Nancy: Santorum seemed to really agree with Gov. Romney about the contraception mess.

8:56 Eastern - Nancy: This is a LOT about birth control, isn’t it?  I thought John King said this would be brief!

8:57 Eastern - Nancy :P lanned Parenthood should get nothing! #RonPaul tagging Rick Santorum #CNNDebate

8:58 Eastern – Nancy: Santorum: “I admit, I voted for large appropriations bills.”

8:59 Eastern - NancyPaul: there’s always an excuse!

8:59 Eastern - NancyCrap. Again with Santorum: “If you don’t like big government, I’ve got a big government program to stop it.” #CNNdebate via Stephen Green

9:02 Eastern - Nancy“If you had said no to Arlen Specter, we wouldn’t have Obamacare!” ZING!  Romney to Santorum, about his past in my home state of Pennsylvania

9:11 Eastern - Nancy:  Romney: Drop lawsuits vs AZ, complete fence, get enough agents to secure the fence, and require employers to check employees

9:12 Eastern - NancyAs a “first wife” (and only wife) I can’t hear what #NewtGingrich is saying. #CNNDebate

This Debate is TWO HOURS?

9:15 Eastern - NancyEvangelicals, you can support #MittRomney and even feel good about it! Click here to find out how! #CNNDebate

9:19 Eastern - NancyRomney: “Nothing is as serious a failure, as [Obama's] failure to deal with #Iran appropriately.” #CNNdebate

9:22 Eastern - NancyThe Santorum gift of Arlen Specter, part 2: Specter is the 60th vote to pass the $787 billion stimulus via Jim Merrill

9:27 Eastern - NancyGood Romney answer on Iran. #cnndebate via Erick Erickson (!)

9:30 Eastern - Nancy“there’d be no better candidate than me” Santorum is never rhetorically graceful when touting himself, needs to get more subtle via Katrina Trinko

9:38 Eastern - Nancy: ”we cannot allow #Iran to have nuclear weapons, no bigger failure than Obama’s handling of Iran’s nuclear program” – @MittRomney #CNNdebate via Jordan Sekulow

9:42 Eastern - NancyNewt supports “no chick left behind.” via Ann Coulter

9:43 Eastern - NancySo other than Specter, NCLB, and earmarks, Santorum fought the good fight in the Senate. via JimGeraghty

9:45 Eastern - NancyOur one word descriptions: Romney: competent | Paul: vigorous | Gingrich: newtorious | Santorum: unraveling #CNNdebate via Mitt Romney Central

9:50 Eastern - NancyRT @loisromano: Best Romney line to Santo tonight: “When I was fighting for the Olympics, you were fighting for the ‘bridge to nowhere.”

Who do you think won?  I thought Gov. Romney handled himself very well.  Kudos!

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7 Responses to The CNN Debate

  1. Terry says:

    Mitt did well. Over all, I thought he came out on top. Had some good, persuasive answers.
    Santorum stumbled at times. Didn’t enhance his cause by digging up the RomneyCare horse and flogging it again.
    The Newtster was affable. Tried picturing him as president, but my imagination just wasn’t up to the task. (Sorry, Newt.)
    Ron Paul once again impaled himself on the sword of foreign policy.
    Can’t wait for next Tuesday.

  2. cindy says:

    I thought it was a great debate-lively discussion, and I think John King did a good job moderating.
    Being a Romney supporter, I was very pleased he did so well. I was SO GLAD to hear him nail Santorum about supporting Spector over Pat Toomey. That is the one biggest issue that makes me distrust Santorum and fear him-he has a facade which is not consistent with so much he has done while in the senate. He faltered tonight-proves my theory that he is not ready for prime time.
    I enjoyed the debate so much, I’m about to watch the repeat. go MITT!

  3. Bert says:

    Another strong and consistent performance by Mitt. I particularly enjoyed him hammering Santorum for his 2004 support of turncoat Arlen Spector over principled conservative Pat Toomey. Hopefully, that jolt of reality will motivate more people to vote for Mitt.

  4. Ryan says:

    The debate shows Santorum is unfit to debate Obama. Should give Mitt all the momentum going in to AZ, MI, and to super Tuesday. The Santorum surge is officially over.

  5. Ray says:

    Rick was done in by Paul who exposed him as fake, By Newt who was calm while Rick was nervous and rattled, by Mitt who knew facts with certainty and by Rick himself trying to explain how Washington and Congress get things done (NOT). came out and said Rick was fudging and exaggerating about a lot of stuff.
    Newt was calm and cheerful, but you never know if you are going to get Jekyll or Hyde.

    Romney will carry Arizona well and if we can keep the Democrats and unions from voting as Republicans in Michigan, he should win there. What kind of states allow this kind of switching to influence elections anyway?

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