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Good morning from Gatlinburg, Tennessee where David and I are trying to get away a bit with the kids.  However, politics doesn’t stop just because we’re going on a few hikes in the mountains!

For one, Donald Trump endorsed Gov. Romney.  Say what you will about The Donald, I love the guy.  I’ve watched every season of The Apprentice and was at CPAC last year when he came out to “Money, Money, Money, Money.”  Though I thought the NewsMax/Trump debate was misguided, I am very thankful for his endorsement of Gov. Romney.

Why? Shep Smith showed nothing but disdain over the endorsement:

“I’ve just gotten word that in the next hour, Shakira and Big Bird will also be issuing endorsements, and we’ll be having live, Team Fox coverage of that!” he said. “Shakira, Big Bird and Donald Trump. In serious news today…”

Notwithstanding Fox’s constant downplay of any Romney success, the Trump endorsement is good news.  Here’s two modest reasons why:

1. Trump represents a faction of the tea party.  His endorsement shows that now everyone is coalescing around Gov. Romney.

2. It means Trump is not running himself.

To make this endorsement even better, Newt’s campaign was spreading the word that Trump was supporting him.



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7 Responses to Trumptastic!

  1. Annette says:

    Charles Krauthammer did bring up the point about Trump representing a faction of the tea party on Fox’s Bret Baier. Fox does a lot of down playing in general, however.

  2. David says:

    All I have to say is, “Birds of a feather…” Herman Cain, the pervert, endorsed Newt Gingrich, the pervert. Donald Trump, the Capoitalist, endorses Mitt Romney, the Capitalist. It all fits.

  3. Uaintdown says:

    Great post. Fox has been disappointing lately to say the least on its coverage of Romney with a few bright spots, such as O’Reilly and Megan Kelly and the Brian, Steve, and Gretchen crew and some of the Five seem to be decent to him. Cavuto’s not bad….and even the Huckster. I may be forgetting a few others… Anyway, yes hate him or love him, Trump is undeniably strong on business and economy and bolsters Romney’s already solid business track record. Also, it breaks the story line of drop outs and so-called Evangel’s and TP advocates such as Perry, Cain, and Palin lining up behind newt–not to mention great diversion from the “poor” comment per Kraut, which was a tempest in a teapot IMO.

  4. Shaun says:

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one to observe Fox News’ dreadful coverage of all things Romney. I boycotted the channel months ago. From my observation, the channel wants to bring the entire GOP universe into its sphere of influence by means of “Fox News Contributors.” Anyone who shuns this scheme *Cough* Romney *Cough* will be marginalized and ridiculed. Sounds conspiratorial, but I think it’s true.

  5. Noelle says:

    My hope is that since Donald Trump is on Fox News a lot (especially Greta and Fox and Friends), this should be an opportunity for Romney to get a little more positive coverage on Fox, which up until now has been less than positive toward him.

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