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Today, I had a first — an article in USA Today, the print and online edition!  For long term fans who missed it, click here.  It begins:

The first time I heard the word “Mormon” was at the Church of Christ in Paris, Tenn. Our youth minister was warning us about cults, which was definitely more interesting than learning about, say, the evils of dancing. Cults were dangerous. They brainwashed people and controlled their lives. Examples included Charles Manson’s murderous “family,” Jim Jones and his suicidal acolytes— and Mormons.

Read the rest here.

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12 Responses to Welcome USA Today Readers!

  1. Hoping for a miacle on Election Day! says:

    I also am from Philadelphia and I must disagree with you because i am strongly Baptist in beliefs and I wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul for all the money Romney hasn’t paid his fair share of Taxes on! And I am against the Catholic beliefs because of corruptions in this denomination. But surely you can’t believe that you could trust Mitt Romney. The wealth alone has corrupted his soul as well as his belief in John Smith. Remember don’t change a tott or a tittle of Gods word for he and he alone can change Holy Scriptures. I think you need to go back to your Church in Paris and get brain washed a little more.You sound very much like a brain washed Liberal. Maybe your getting paid too much and the Devil has crept into your soul? A vote for Romney is just as bad as for Obama. Rick Santorum is the only honest cantidate besides Ron Paul and I wouldn’t vote for either unless only to keep away from 4 more years of Obama. Lets face it there are very few super rich let alone Religous and decent politicians left that would fit in Lincolns sock let alone walk in his boots. Our Country has gone too far away from God to return! Signed Hoping for a miracle.

    • Stephanie Soucek says:

      Hoping for a miracle….I would have to disagree with you to a certain extent. I never thought I would vote for Romney, but I have done as much research on all the candidates as I can and have found Mitt Romney to be a man of integrity who has been misunderstood by people and misrepresented in the media. I do not agree with his theology although he he believes that Jesus Christ is the son of God and the savior of the world. Clearly I do not agree with the book of mormon, but I pray for him earnestly and often that he would get a clear revelation and understanding of the world of God every time he reads it. I do not agree with your stance on money. The bible (in 1 Timothy I believe) says that the “love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” Money is not evil, it is the love of it. So while I look at Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, I find it odd for men who claim to follow the bible so closely, that they do not tithe and that they only gave between 2% and 3% of their income to charity, while Romney gave 16.4% last year and tithes regularly. Just because someone has a lot of money does not make them a bad person. God looks at our hearts and I’ll let God be the judge of his heart. There are many verses in the bible about how God will prosper someone if they tithe and give offerings and trust Him for provision. I admit I have been conflicted over voting for Romney, but I keep gravitating back towards him because he shares many of my values, both social and fiscally. If Romney wasn’t pro-life I would not even think of voting for him. But he is pro traditional marriage and has strong family values. Santorum has lied many times about Romney being pro-choice. He has twisted facts about him to make him look pro-choice, which really bothers me. I don’t mind the candidates being critical of each other as long as it’s based on facts. They’ve all been negative obviously, but don’t think that they haven’t all played political games to a certain extent. I base my opinion of each candidate by looking up the facts and the context of the issues being discussed. Anytime something is claimed about a certain candidate, I look it up. And I have found so many misconceptions about Romney it is unbelievable. Anyways those are my thoughts.

    • Terry says:

      “Our Country has gone too far away from God to return”?
      I strongly disagree, and so do a lot of others, especially the folks at EFM. So, I have an idea: join with the rest of us Evangelicals and Mormons (and whoever else has felt moved to do so) in a national day of fasting and prayer on Monday, March 5th (the day before Super Tuesday). EFM has an article, “Fasting for America” ( about it on this site. Read it. Then, instead of criticizing, help us out. You can change “Hoping for a miracle on Election Day” to “Praying for a miracle on Election Day”.

    • Lance in TX says:

      John Smith? Who is that? Maybe you need to learn more about our LDS faith from LDS people and not from your priest.

      You cannot even get our Prophet’s name correct.

      Maybe you need to study a little more. We don’t change the Bible. We use the KJV. What version do you use?

      BTW: If you really want to get into this. If you use aything other than the CATHOLIC version of the Bible, you have broken your rule yourself. The Nicea Council created the CATHOLIC Bible and if you use any version other than that, you are using a version that was modified by someone else. That is if you actually believe that Rev 22:18 talks about the entire Bible.

      Do you even know the History of the Bible? Rev 22:18 is only talking about the Book of Revelation. Maybe you need to learn the actual order that the books in the Bible were written?

    • JL Fuller says:

      People can not be held accountable for not knowing but we can be accountable for choosing to not know. If it is it is important for you to comment about LDS theology you really ought to do some homework. I trust you do not want to be guilty of bearing false witness.

      Go find out what we teach and believe for yourself. Do not trust our detractors and enemies for an accurate explanation of things they do not understand. You don’t have to believe it but you should at least know what the other side of the story is before you comment. and and are good places to go.

  2. Jenny B says:

    Great article. Most of the comments from the site left a bad flavor in my mouth, but people are just gonna be however they want to be. Go Mitt!

    • Jenny B says:

      Oh, and I meant the comments on the USA Today site, not this one :) I much prefer the – for the most part- mature discussion that goes on here. GREAT PEOPLE! And isn’t it wonderful that we DON’T all share the exact same beliefs and opinions?!?! That’s part of what makes this country the greatest nation on earth.

  3. Nancy says:

    Great article, Nancy! So happy for your influence to be spread far and wide. We need more people like yourself in this great country of ours. We need to come together to unite around the only man I believe that can beat President Obama. Mitt Romney will make an excellent President! He loves this great country and will do all in his power to bring freedom and respect back to America both at home and abroad .He knows what the failed policies of this President will mean to his 16 grandchildren and his five sons and their wives. He is a man for the times no doubt! Mitt Romney 2012!

  4. Gina says:

    Since God is in control, he obviously put Obama in the presidency. Think about what you are saying. I believe Obama will be in the presidency the next time around as well. Your evangelical Mr. Bush was a total disaster.

    • Lance in TX says:

      What about Carter, Clinton, and others…

      You should not choose a President by only his religion. You should choose him by his actions and values.

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