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National Review reports:

Mitt Romney has won the Wyoming caucuses with 39 percent of the vote. Rick Santorum finished second, with 32 percent, followed by Ron Paul (21 percent), and Newt Gingrich (8 percent). However, Wyoming (like Iowa, Maine, and Minnesota) doesn’t bind its delegates, meaning that the state’s delegates (who haven’t been chosen yet) could theoretically choose to vote however they like at the convention, regardless of whether their convention votes mirror the caucus results or not.

This means that he’s won the last four states as we go into Super Tuesday!

Some of you may know that EFM has called for a weekly fast for our nation.  We’ve been fasting for three weeks and have gotten great reports from our readers who are participating all over America.  Some are fasting politics, some are fasting blogging, some are fasting meals.  This Monday – the 5th – please consider joining us:

What exactly are we doing and what are we asking you to do?

Fasting is simply abstaining from food for a certain amount of time in order to seek God.  It was a normal, and expected spiritual discipline in both the Old and New Testament time periods. (King David, Moses, and even Jesus fasted.)

This isn’t some sort of spiritual ploy to earn God’s favor.  Nor is it a way to manipulate this election or even create our desired outcome. This is a plea to God for our nation.

When: Every Monday, we will be fasting.  You are welcome to join us – or not.  No pressure.  If you don’t want to do this regularly, please consider joining us in a one-time nation-wide fast on Monday, March 5th – the day before Super Tuesday.

How: Most of us will be fasting from food.  Some of us will also be fasting from Drudge, Fox News, CNN, and even blogging.  You might want to fast from just lunch (or meat, or chocolate, or whatever.  Just do what you’re led to do.)

Who:   Anyone can join us, regardless of party or preferred candidate.

What to Pray: Of course, you can focus on whatever you’d like in your own prayers.  Here are some of the things we might be praying about:

  1. For our current President, that he’d have the moral and political courage to do what is best for the nation.
  2. For our next president, that he’d set high moral and ethical standards of conduct for himself and those associated with him, setting and example for other world leaders to follow.
  3. For our economy.
  4. That judges of high moral character and sharp, legal minds would be added to the Supreme Court.
  5. That the evil of abortion will end.

Starting this list makes me realize how many things could be on this list.  I also want to pray specifically for the Romneys, for fortitude and peace as they go through this election cycle.

I also want to pray for my own heart that I’ll trust in God more than I trust in our government or our leaders.

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8 Responses to Fast on March 5th as Momentum Grows

  1. Lisa Hill says:

    I am a HUGE Romney fan but have always been careful not to pray for Romney to be the next president, but that God’s will might be done. I can and will most joyfully join with you in fasting for our beloved country, for our president, and that peace and fortitude may be with the entire Romney family at this time. May they feel encircled about in the arms of our very Eternal Father!

  2. Sharlene and Russ says:

    My husband and I will join with those fasting on March 5–for the very purposes you have listed. And we’re on board for the regular weekly fasts, too. Thanks so much for putting this out there for all of us to join together in our fasts and prayers. God rules.

  3. Terry says:

    Adding my two-cents worth
    I’m an old retired coot, Mormon by religion, male by birth, and I’ve never before fasted and prayed about the outcome of a political election. However, this country is in deep trouble, so I immediately hopped on board when EFM issued their call. To have an inter-faith community of morally upright people join hands (figuratively speaking) for a righteous common cause is absolutely marvelous. And I agree with Lisa about praying that the Lord’s will might be done (although I see nothing wrong with praying that Mitt will do well in his campaign speeches, etc).

  4. RC says:

    I believe the Lord has begun listening to us! Our fasting, our prayers and the breaking of our hearts are arresting the ears and eyes of God, and it begins when our love for Him supersedes our fear of what and how the Election will turn out. The end of our glory is the beginning of His glory.

    I will be fasting Monday that our fellow citizens will vote their conscience and not with their apathetic media-boggling minds.

    Let me introdue to you the next President of the United States – Mitt Romney.

  5. RosaMaria Hurst says:

    Great idea! I will join you. Yes, we need to fast for our nation, our constitution, our president and the people who have the power to affect with their decision this great country of ours. I will be fasting for the American people so they cansee more clearly and vote with their mind and with their hearts.

  6. Rochelle says:

    I love where you say that you will pray to trust God more than political leaders. I pray that good men and women will have a voice, and that the innocent will be protected. That hearts will be soft, and courage will be fixed. Perhaps no matter what our religion, our prayers are similar, because we all want the love of God in our lives and in the lives of our fellow man.

  7. Jeanette Drake says:

    I have read many excellent suggestions for our fasting and prayers. We also can fast and pray for those who are mourning and those who are carrying heavy burdens at this time. And if we fast from the news and all the expressions of contention, we may be more receptive to think of ways we can love and help those around us.

  8. Kyle Wilson says:

    I just read this article (found it from a link to an email) and also read many of the comments. I must say I am very inspired by such a wonderful suggestion and the comments that followed. I am a true believer that “Prayer Changes Things” and fasting with prayer only makes our connection with God more powerful. I do believe God is real and hears and answers our prayers. Out Nation is now at a crossroad and this great Nation the Lord Jesus Christ Established through inspired men to write the constitution is now threatened at this time of turning further into darkness. Our very freedoms are at stake. I believe the God of this Land is deeply concerned and working to preserve our freedoms in preparation for his return. I am proud to say I will join with you and try to fast weekly for the Nation we all love.

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