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Mitt Romney celebrates primary victory in Florida

After Santorum’s good night in early February, Mitt came back strong, winning Maine, Arizona, Michigan, and Wyoming.  Let’s make it five in a row: CNN is projecting that Mitt will win the Washington caucuses.

No  one has had momentum like this in the entire primary season.  Super Tuesday will be hard fought, but I like where we are.  Oh, and those who didn’t think Mitt could appeal to the rank and file Republican voter need to check out the popular vote total so far.

On to Super Tuesday!

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8 Responses to Five In a Row!

  1. RC says:

    Yes, we have momentum on our side. Yes, I feel optimistic about going into Super Tuesday. But, I don’t want to come away scratching my head. Monday will definitely be a day of fasting and prayer.

  2. TeejMac says:

    This is a very big deal…five wins covering pretty diverse geography from Washington on the west coast to the southern desert in Arizona to the rocky mountain state of Wyoming to the great lakes region in Michigan to the northern east coast in Maine. It’s seen in the national polls now with Mitt polling not only higher than he has ever been, but higher than any other Republican has in this election at any point – apparently rising close to or at that magical 50% majority mark. Momentum is clear and strong.

    I wanted to get your take (French’s) on the race in Tennessee, one of the Super Tuesday prizes. I just saw a Rasmussen poll that for the first time (that I’ve seen) puts Mitt within just a few points (I think 4) of Santorum with Gingrich quite a bit back (I was wondering whether Newt’s apparent strength in Georgia would translate across the border to Tennessee). Your thoughts?

  3. Terry says:

    I’ve listened/watched several Santorum interviews over the weekend. The man is beginning to panic. His speech is hurried and stumbling on occasion, especially when he begins pointing the finger of blame at others (Mitt, Drudge, et al.) First it was his “Mitt and Ron Paul have teamed up against me” accusation (re: the last debate), then “The RNC is favoring Mitt” charge, then his “Matt Drudge is shilling for Mitt” theory. And of course, Mitt Romney has been lying about him all along. What’s next? The press have already caught him in several false comments. I’m interested in seeing how he handles Super Tuesday when Mitt emerges with far more votes/delegates than him. Keep in mind that Santorum is in the presidential race because, according to Rick’s wife in an interview with Rick and her on the Glenn Beck program, God told them that Rick should run. If that’s what they want to believe, that is their business and I respect their right to feel that way. However, for reasons I’m not going to take time to elaborate on, I don’t agree with their assumption. I think their “God is on our side” belief is at the foundation of why Rick continues in the David and Goliath scenario that is becoming increasingly obvious with each Romney win. Mr. Santorum even commented on it to a news reporter, finishing with “but we know who won that battle”. I think Rick will stay in this race until Mitt’s delegate totals forces him to admit the obvious.

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