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Dear Friends,

I know tonight’s southern results were disappointing to all of you who were watching the results on television, Twitter, and Facebook with great hope.  I think we were all a little like kids at the top of the stairwell on Christmas Eve, looking down at the stockings below and wondering, “Could it possibly happen?”

Well, kids, it didn’t.  Gov. Romney didn’t win in these two southerns states, but we have more to hang our hat on than the false hope of polls, Jeff Foxworthy endorsements, and a new found appreciation of grits.

Mississippi will always have a soft place in my heart.  After all, it’s where David proposed.  In a rather romantic location, right David?  Let’s leave that sewage pipe story for another time, when everyone’s in a much better mood.  Because, tonight was really annoying.

Having said that, the math hasn’t changed. Rick Santorum will not be able to get enough delegates to win the nomination, and Romney did much better than expected. As I was watching the vote tallies roll in, I was reminded of the many comparisons I’ve heard of the GOP Presidential race and the fable “the tortoise and the hare.”  In the analogy, of course, Gov. Romney is the slow, steady presence as the various “hare” candidates come and go.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of that analogy.  Not that there’s anything wrong with it.  It’s good and true.  But sometimes you just need something more than Aesop.  Tonight, we experienced an “Exodus 23:30 Moment:”

Little by little I will drive them out before you, until you have increased enough to take possession of the land.

Exodus 23:30 NIV

Sometimes, for whatever reason, victories come in increments.  We know God’s in control of this election, and He’s in control of this nation.  Will you let him be in control of your mood and expectations too?

Let’s face it, friends.  We’re experiencing a steady, slow victory.  Deep down, you know that too.  (To prove this, ask yourself, “Would I trade Mitt’s position in this race for any other candidate’s?”  See, that was too easy.) In other words, we’re still in the best position and are going to pull it off.  Keep fighting the good fight and don’t be disappointed.

Little by little.  Let that be your mantra as we make our way to the White House.

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45 Responses to Forget Aesop

  1. Ben Hunt says:

    I think we need to face the fact that your efforts on this site have been a failure. Evangelicals will never support a Mormon for president, even if it means another 4 years of Obama.

    • Lena says:

      @ above, you must have come from the “school of thought” meaning you listen to Heresies and don’t search for truth. Mormons are very good people, highly educated, great morals. You need to read a website http://www.baptistversionofmormonism. Rev Lynn Ridenhour wrote that the Mormon Christian Sect is the ONLY church Church that follow the true teachings of Jesus Christ. He has pastored a Baptist Church for 19 years.

    • Nancy French says:

      From your website:

      “If Romney were a true conservative, he would realize that the United State was founded by Christians and only true Christians have the right to govern. He would denounce his membership in the cultist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (ie Mormon Religion) and accepted the true Jesus Christ as his personal savior.”

      Nice. Just come out and say it — don’t make me dig for your true spin…

      • Lori says:

        It’s not a cult any more than evangelicals are a cult. Mormons BELIEVE in Christ, worship Christ, and preach Christ. He is the center of our religion. We just don’t happen to ascribe to the concept of Christ that was established by the Niceness Creed way back when. The Niceness Creed ,by the way, was decided by discussion, argument and debate by the theologians at the time, some of whom also practiced pagan beliefs along with Christianity. (look it up).
        Now as to Mitt not being a viable candidate for evangelicals: that’s like me saying that I cannot ever support anyone who was evangelical,or Catholics, or Jews. That’s nonsense. I vote for a person who is of good, moral character, who has a belief in God and who wants this country to be restored to greatness. That is who I have always tried to vote for in all my years of voting. This time it’s Mitt because I truly believe he fits all my criteria I established above. I’m not voting for him only because he’s Mormon. If I only voted for Mormons then I would have to vote for Harry Reid and that is something I would NEVER do. I can vote for Mitt in good conscience because I know what he believes and what kind of man he is because I know what the Mor
        the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints teaches its members and how we are taught in respect to our fellow men.

    • Terry says:

      Ben Hunt claims: “I think we need to face the fact that your efforts on this site have been a failure. ”

      Ah, Ben, m’man. Do you mean that NO Evangelicals, MOST Evangelicals, or just SOME Evangelicals will never vote for Mitt? You need to qualify that comment. Some Evangelicals have been converted to the fact that it’s okay to vote for a person not of their faith. I know–I’ve read their stories. Besides which, this site is more than just about getting Evangelicals to come on board for Mitt (though that is a large part of the goal). This site is also about people of different faiths (in particular, Mormons and Evangelicals), joining hands and working together for a common cause–that of getting this country back on the track the Founding Fathers meant it to be on. This site works because the Evangelical moral compass and the Mormon moral compass both point in the same direction. Doctrinal beliefs of the two religions may be diametrically opposed, but this is politics. We’re not electing a Pastor-in-Chief or a Bishop-in-Chief. We’re electing a Commander-in-Chief, and religious doctrine has little or nothing to do with that. For years—and I know I’m not the only one—I’ve felt very strongly that this country is heading in the wrong direction, and that the time was coming when people of different faiths would have to join together and fight for a common cause if we were to have any hope of saving it. You may not be aware of this Ben, but on the Monday before Super Tuesday, Evangelicals, Mormons, and people of other faiths as well, participated in a national day of fasting and prayer, petitioning the Lord for His help in electing someone who could get America back on track. The call to do so was issued by EFM. I participated, and as a Mormon, I’d do it again. Darn straight I would.

      This site a failure? Hardly.

      In my opinion, it’s already been a rousing success.

      • Terry says:

        Just did the math based on numbers. Yesterday, Romney INCREASED his lead over Santorum by 6 delegates. Before yesterday, Romney’s lead was 237 over Rick. Today it’s 243. Sounds like “Winner of the Day” to me.

      • cindy says:

        I appreciate your comments Terry. Honestly, this debate gets a bit tiresome, doesn’t it? In 08 I spent much time convincing quite a few of my evangelical friends to vote for Romney in the primary. This time, they are avoiding me by the plague. No matter, he won Florida handily without them. I see this man and his family as such a stellar example of what a family should strive for in America. No matter how many people blather on about the doctrines of Mormonism, Mitt Romney behaves more like a Christian than many of my Christian friends. I was honored to give him my vote, which I value highly.

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      Which Evangelicals? Does being a Methodist mean being Evangelical. If so, that means that I already am not one of “your evangelicals” as for Mormon for president. This government isn’t perfect, no government on Earth is perfect. Do you like the fact that Cyrus the Great, a Zoroastrian, and a polytheist was the liberator of the exiled Jews from Babylon? If the Bible ever tells anything, it does tell that there are nonbelievers out there who can be helpful.

      As far as Rick Santorum and Newt Gingirch go, they don’t do great by my basketball analogy. They are pretty much whining about how high the height to the rim is. I mean, seriously, CNN, NPR, CBS, and all those news stations are giving out the facts on how many estimates of delegates the candidates might get, it’s not favoritism toward Romney, it’s fact, and if someone like Gingrich or Santorum don’t handle it all that well, it doesn’t give a good picture about them on the national stage, or about the Republican Party in general. I have to admit, thanks to some decent commentary, that Romney set a great example with recognizing the need to leave the race and back the frontrunner in 2008, it was courteous and exemplary of him to do so then.

  2. Robin E says:

    Nancy French, THANK YOU! You literally made me cry! You are a true Christian among a group that for the most part is not. All of the Romney supporters appreciate you so much, and we appreciate each and ever evangelical who stands up for what is right. You are a rare breed. The advesary is working overtime on many people in the south, prompting them to tell lies and believe lies about something they know nothing about. And I admit, I get angry, but getting angry won’t change things, these people need to be remembered in our prayers – that they will see their bigotry and put an end to it. I didn’t expect Romney to win tonight, and he really did do much better than I expected, but the aftermath is hard, especially since the media is so negative about him constantly. So your words brought great comfort to me and I am going to share them with fellow Romney supporters. Thank you again for your hard work!

    • Nancy French says:

      Thanks, Robin! It’s so frustrating!! I understand. But, as Courtney on the Bachelor would say, “Winning!”

      Oops. You just lost respect for me! I’ll shut up now. :)

  3. JT says:

    Ben, that is illogical for many reasons.

    Many evangelicals believe Obama is secretly a Muslim. Why would they vote for him over a Mormon?

  4. Disagree Ben – While Rick has a higher percentage of the Evangelical vote Mitt is doing well, typically just behind. Once Mitt is the nominee and picks a great VP I am sure that the choice between Obama and Mitt the Evangelical vote will go heavily towards Mitt.

  5. Governor Romney actually did rather well in the deep South. Granted, the Evangelical vote worked against him, but there seems little justification in the voting data for making blanket statements about ALL Evangelicals.

  6. Jim Tills says:

    I totally disagree with Mr. Hunt. Your website has inspired me and about 75 of my close friends who are all definitely Mitt Romney supporters now.

    I believe that your website has solidified the friendship and association that Evangelicals and Mormons need to have as we unitedly work to save our Nation from the ravages of Obama and his socialistic allies.

    Nancy is correct in her application of the scripture quoted, (Exodus 23:30). Mitt Romney actually won more delegates tonight than Rick Santorum and will win the nomination—despite the biased pronouncements by the MSM and Rick Santorum + Newt Gingrich. What a pair of losers these men really are because of the lies they spout. They have told their lies about Mitt Romney so often that it is obvious that they either now believe them or they are deliberately sabatoging this election. It may take an act of God (I don’t mean to take His name in vain) to dislodge the false assumptions and prevarications they are constantly giving forth. The tragedy is that so many other Evangelicals are believing them.

    Mitt Romney is obviously a man of great faith and high moral values that we all would do well to emulate, religious doctrine nonwithstanding. For some (or many) to discredit his worth in the eyes of God because they associate him with the Mormon Church instead of a Christian Church is ludicrous. Isn’t the real name of his Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Hasn’t he said that Jesus Christ is his personal Savior? Why disregard him and regard him as though he were a heathen and say he is less than a professed Christian of another faith? And to top it all off, hasn’t God used men of other persuasions to bring about his purposes like Cyrus of old who allowed the Jews to return and rebuild Jerusalem. Is it not a real possibility that God is using Mitt Romney in like manner and saving America in the process?

    Yes, a slim majority of voters in both Mississippi and Alabama gave Rick Santorum the miniscule victory tonight in those two States—States were just weeks ago, it appeared that Mitt Romney didn’t have a chance. Yet, tonight, Mitt did so well that the delegates the candidates won were almost evenly split coming out of the contests, and with Hawaii and American Samoa delegates going to Mitt, he acturally came away with more delegates. Hooray for Mitt and for the Lord’s handivork!!! The process continues and he will win the nomination. Hopefully, there will be sufficient time left to unite the Country behind him prior to the main election coming in November.

  7. TeejMac says:

    Nancy, Jim, you guys are terrific and I think are gradually making a significant difference. Although there are clearly still suspicions and challenges holding some Evangelicals back from supporting Mitt, it seems to me that there has been progress, and I believe more progress is ahead, in large part due to your good work. I like that Biblical phrase you used, Nancy. “Little by little” it is coming, and for anyone willing to see through the media chaff and the false/misleading statements of the other candidates, it’s clear where we are heading. It’s a good place for Romney, and I believe for the country.

  8. Peggy says:

    Nancy, you have inspired more than once when I am feeling perturbed about election results. What a unifying message you have about Evangelicals and Mormons pulling together to promote freedom! Bigotry is such a stain on our country and on this election process. I read a very good Hugh Hewitt column yesterday at how Santorum has tarnished his own stand on religious freedom by aligning himself with organizations that have publically denounced Mitt for his “cult” religious beliefs. Because these groups give Santorum money and publicity, he won’t denounce them, even though Mr. Hewitt pointed out the hypocrisy of his record in an interview with Santorum. I believe Santorum is using down right lies about Mitt’s record to stir up and justify anti-Mormon fervor among certain groups of people in this country. It’s a poor way to win votes.

    • Kay says:

      Romney is being challenged but he is one man that meets challenges well. We have seen him do this time
      and time again in his life, career, faith, public office and in campaigns. Romney is grounded and politics will
      not turn his head to “worldly” ways. I think it most sad to watch good men lower themselves to “win”.

      I am pleased with the dignity and purpose that Romney continues to show even while being misrepresented
      on most fronts.

  9. Gregory Lee says:

    I’m still flabbergasted by the Kindergarten-educated media and their constant discussions of momentum, Romney’s do-or-die primaries (Florida, Michigan, Ohio, etc.), and Santorum’s viability. ROMNEY’S IN THE LEAD. If Romney has a problem in the South, so does Santorum (unless 33% of the vote is good enough, of course). Further, why in heaven’s name are we worried about the states Santorum has won thus far? A simple Google search provides an electoral map of the 2008 Presidential Election. Interestingly, McCain carried every state Santorum has won with the exception of Iowa (why a Democratic-leaning state is allowed to lead of the Republican Primary calendar is beyond the comprehension of my feeble mind, but that’s a topic for another day). I’d much nominate a proven conservative leader who can win states like Florida (my home), Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, and even put states like Massachusetts in play. Romney’s that guy. You can’t win a mandate by pandering to the base that lost last time. Sorry, talking heads. That just doesn’t make sense.

  10. BrentW says:

    80 per cent of the people who voted in both states were Evangelical or “born again”. Of all those, Mitt split the vote almost equally with Gingrich and Santorum, about 30 per cent each. If there had been an Evangelical landslide for Santorum, I would feel a lot worse about Mitt’s performance tonight. But, the landslide didn’t happen. Mitt also had a slight edge over the other two candidates among voters who decided in the last few days before the election, so he had momentum.

    The best news is that after Hawaii gets done, Mitt will have received the most delegates for all three primaries combined on this date.

  11. Debra Harrington says:

    I enjoyed reading your comments. Very encouraging, especially since I was feeling rather disappointed about tonight. It is so hard to watch what is happening and not be concerned. Yes, Romney is ahead, but how much more damage will be done before this is over? I pray that Heavenly Father will work his miracles in this and help Romney to get the nomination soon. Thanks

  12. Jenny B says:

    This was the perfect post, Nancy. The Exodus reference was just what I needed before going to sleep tonight. I am happy about Mitt’s delegate count tonight, although irritated about the way the media downplays what really counts here. Can’t wait to wake up and find out the Hawaii results :) Your blog is a true success- unifying, inspirational, and a major breath of fresh air from all the negative media and religious misunderstandings around here.

  13. While Mitt hasn’t done particularly well among the more conservative/fundamentalist Protestant groups in the South, who rallied behind Santorum and Gingrich in today’s showdown, I think it is a testament that Mitt has consistently done well among many mainstream Evangelicals, particularly those who have attended college.

    Gingrich is done, but will likely remain in the race out of pride. He has no chance of winning any state north of the Mason Dixon. Santorum, even with victories in the remaining former Confederate States, still won’t have enough delegates to legitimately challenge Mitt’s projected victories in the remaining states.

    Thank you for your work Nancy.

    • ccr says:

      I agree! Thank you, your husband, Charles for ALL of your efforts!

      Truly we need to UNITE for our country, not divide over religious theology.

      I hope that God CAN bless us! I find myself saying “God HELP us, please!”

  14. Stephanie says:

    Nancy, thanks for the article. I admit I was bummed about tonight because all of a sudden the expectations were raised pretty high for Mitt and the polls showed hope for him to win maybe one of the two states. But he still got only slightly less delegates than the other two, so it’s like we originally expected…except maybe better! Also I want to thank you for your commitment to promoting Mitt because he is the only one, besides Ron Paul, that has campaigned with integrity and honesty. I am a born-again Christian and Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have totally turned me off by all of their lies about Mitt Romney. It is unbelievable how they have twisted things and attacked him unfairly about abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, his fiscal record, and on and on. And just like I disagree with Mormons on some things, I also disagree with Catholics on some things. And for Newt and Rick to be touting their faith, while being arrogant and misleading, is very hypocritical. I don’t mean to come down so hard on them, but I can’t just sit back and not call them out on it! OK, I’m done venting, but I am tired of Mitt Romney being portrayed as some moderate, aloof, rich guy who doesn’t care about people and doesn’t connect with people. That couldn’t be further from the truth…except the wealthy part, lol. I pray for Mitt and his family often. I pray for strength and encouragement. I pray that Mitt would seek the Lord and find him and know him fully and have a deeper relationship with him. I pray that when he reads the bible, he would get a full revelation and understanding of God’s word. Keep up your hard work Nancy. We all appreciate it :)

  15. Norm Perdue says:

    Thank you Nancy, for your amazing article. After watching the MS media dumping on Mitt all night, I had to pop in a good ‘feel good’ DVD; however when it was over I still felt so depressed over the results tonight. Then I read your article and it really inspired me to not get too upset; the sun always comes up in the morning! And when you step back and look at the position we are in, who can argue with all delegates Mitt picked up tonight. Santorum can boast and beat his chest all he wants, but come November, the best man shall win the day. One more thing; I was proud that Gov. Romney has chosen to take the high road and not belittle and say mean things about the other candidates; unlike Newt and Rick that can only spew negative venom towards Mitt.

  16. cindy says:

    Response to Ben Hunt,
    I am an evangelical Christian. In case you doubt my claim, I accepted Jesus in Sept of 1981, at a home Bible study.
    Is that evangelical enough for you? I happily voted for Romney in 08 and again this year in the Florida primary.
    In the first place, it’s a bit dumb to paint with such a broad brush. Just because you go to church with a bunch of bigots with superiority complexes does not give you the place to speak for all evangelicals.

    Secondly, I find it very offensive that people who claim to have Christ in their hearts would boycott a candidate at the ballot box soley on the basis of the candidate’s faith. This country was founded by people seeking religious freedom, and I happen to think that God led them here and God was instrumental in this country’s founding. I wonder what God thinks of your snooty attitude?

    Thirdly, your comments remind me of the joke about the group of people who arrived in heaven and were being given the tour by St. Peter. As they went from spot to spot, there was a high fence along one side of their way, and voices and sounds of lots of activity could be heard as they wound through heaven. Finally someone asked St. Peter what that was over there. Peter said “Oh, that’s the Baptists. They think they’re the only ones here. ”

    You wll have to give an account for every idle word when you stand before God. So be careful little tongue what you say!!!!!

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  18. Noelle says:

    In the really REALLY deep South Romney cleaned up. After all, Guam, the Marianas, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa and Hawaii are a lot further south than South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

  19. Noelle says:

    According to the New York Times delegate counter, Romney has outperformed Santorum in the deep South, at least those states who have voted so far, including South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. Romney has 42 delegates out of those states, and Santorum has 35. Of course Gingrich has a lot more than Romney and Santorum, but contrary to his declaration, Gingrich will NOT be the nominee.

    Romney for Nomney (that’s a humorous way of spelling “nominee,” in case you were wondering) in 2012!

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      Romney has gained a larger lead in delegates, which, to refer to my urge to bring Basketball into the equation, means a high likelihood of winning by momentum, especially when your nearing the fourth quarter.

  20. Joy says:

    What a positive and refreshing website. It is so nice to see the unity of many different people of faith in Christ come together for a common purpose…Save our country and elect a man of integrity and faith to the highest office in the land. I sadly suspect that the only thing that slows Romney down is the underlying bigotry in some peoples hearts. Why the hate for Mormons? I just don’t get it. They are good, decent God fearing people. So they believe a little differently. All Churches are a little different in one way or another. It would be a very sad day in history if Obama (who I believe is trying to ruin our country) wins simply because some people won’t vote for a Mormon. What is really in your heart Ben Hunt? Do you count yourself among the bigots? Your words suggest “Yes”

  21. Lisa says:

    Nancy, thank you again for your thoughts. As a Mormon that has been bashed for many years by Evangelicals, your website has helped me see that there are some Evangelicals that are true Christians. Thank you.

  22. Mike says:

    Hey, no worries. Now that the dust has settled, we see that Romney picked up 41 delegates to Santorum ‘s 35. You gotta love American politics. Where else could you win yet still lose?

  23. Mila says:

    Just wanted to add my deep appreciation to the many sincere expressions of gratitude. Evangelicals for Mitt is performing a vital mission. The unity you are helping to build among people of faith and good will is inspiring. I agree wholeheartedly with those who have expressed the belief that the friendship and trust you are creating will be essential as we work together to restore America.

  24. Sherry says:

    Nancy, being from Mississippi, I was so disappointed. I wanted Mitt to win big. I do believe he will prevail and be our candidate. My prayer is that everyone will get to know him and his record and support him. He is our only hope. For anyone questioning his ability because he’s Mormon; I don’t know a lazy or poor Mormon Their work ethic and patriotism are to be admired and immitated. I would be so proud to see the Romney family occupy the white house.

  25. warren wilson says:

    Okay, I have two questions from all you really smart people out there:

    First: How can you say that someone who belongs to the “Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints” does not believe in JESUS CHRIST? Isn’t the name a clue? If people who disagree on the finer pints fo the nature of God call each other heretics, why are the Methodists not badmouthing the Catholics (or Catholic candidates) and why are the Jehova’s Witnesses not picking fistfights with the Southern Baptist Convention members? Gee, these guys belong to churches that don’t even have the name JESUS CHRIST in them.

    Second: (and this is becauese I was less than studious in Sunday School) Can you tell me where in the Bible I used to be told that where people got together in the name of CHRIST his spirit would be felt and they would be his people. Did I remember this totally incorrectly or are we advised that the person saying someone else is not a believer is under greater condemnation? Did I remember this wrong?

    • cindy says:

      Your instinct is correct. There is a verse that says Where 2 or more are gathered in My name, there I am also. And Also there is a verse saying not to point out the splinter in your brother’s eye when there is a plank in your eye.
      Also: Love your neighbor as yourself. It does not say Love your neighbor unless he is Mormon. And of course there is Judge not lest ye be judged. Gee, it seems that God has a lot to say about looking down your nose at others spiritually. See, even if you thought you were less than studious in Sunday School- God’s word does not come back void :)

  26. Paul says:

    Thank you so much, Nancy, for sending a message, even more so an encouraging one, after such a discouraging night. As a person of faith, I try hard to be nonjudgmental, and I do thnik Santorum’s heart is in the right place (then again, I have said this about President Obama in the past.) However, Rick may well be a pork-barrel big spender, and I’m not sure he’s been entirely honest about this. Mitt and Ron Paul both have superb ideas to turn around the economy, but Mitt is the only one who has actually done it. I do worry that Santorum may start winning outside the South. Keep up the good work!

  27. Rick Schow says:

    I sure hope we are getting a few “brownie” points for all the guff we took over prop 8. For only 2% of the population in California, we got about 92% of the guff handed out by the GLTB crowd, the left media, and from Democrats as well. All folks who are solidly behind the natural family and traditional marriage ought to cut us some slack on the “not Christian” label. Thanks a TON to our EFM friends for all the positive work and sweat you continue to do. We are truly dearest of friends in Christ.

  28. Doc Stephens says:

    Select a candidate for president on the basis of wisdom, character, and values.

    Ask why our founders wrote “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.” Religious bigotry has no place in our society. Those who call themselves evangelicals and who choose to discout the wisdom, character, and values of a candidate for the sake of a religious test, violate this important constitutional principle and in so doing, they contradict their own claim.

    We should not dispair this long and difficult process. Selecting a nominee and then electing a president is a learning process for our nation. Difficult lessons take time and effort to learn, but in the end many more evangelicals and others will see the light and do the right thing.

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      Sometimes, paraphrasing an earlier quote from Terry, “We’re not electing a pastor”. Once people can get this into perspective, it goes a long way. Again, I would agree with you on the bigotry part, and I would argue in defense of plenty of the ministry work I have volunteered for that there’s plenty of good to go around, it just disappoints me that the work of the mainline denominations gets downplayed for a few factious individuals who really run their mouths. It gets even me frustrated at times, but then again, it’s great to get to discuss the issues with such a unified group.

      I agree with you, one way or another, we will phase out of the ignorance of what constitutes genuine conservativism, although I often hope we could do it a little more quickly, I guess I need to have some patience for half time though.

  29. Walt says:

    Mormons follow very closely all the messages that Jesus gave, as quoted in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. “If you aren’t better than the Pharises you won’t get into his kingdom.” “Blessed are the merciful for they will have mercy.” You must endure to the end to have a place n God’s Kingdom.” “If ye love me keep my commandments.” “Since you have done it unto the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto me.”
    Jesus message is: “Do good and you shall be rewarded.” It says nowhere in the 4 Gospels that doing good works is not important. Mormons believe in doing good, not just talking about it. They believe, as James did: ” I will show my faith BY my works.”

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