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If Mitt’s momentum continues tomorrow, Mike Huckabee says:

But if the trend continues over the weekend that we’ve started to see with Romney, sort of, bringing people together as people are saying “Okay, look, if he’s going to win, let’s go ahead and get behind him.”

(H/T Politico)

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6 Responses to Huckabee: Get Behind Mitt!

  1. K.G. says:

    Amen, Nancy! I’ve been saying this forever as this race drags on. Dick Morris made a good point, IMO, this last week that if the also-rans come to the convention with a too few delegates to win but enough to make trouble, it will be a disaster for the GOP. According to Morris, this race needs to be decided by June at the latest.

    Huckabee could be a great influence for those who just can’t quite get to the point of supporting Mitt or a Mormon or whatever is holding them up. Some (all?) the Southern states are winner-take-all and it could cause some trouble if Newt or Rick were to win these states.

    Huckabee is the key. He’s not a stupid man and unlike some talk show hosts, I believe he loves America and truly believes Obama should be defeated.

  2. Deanie says:

    Get behind Mitt, baloney! Mitt Romney speaks only what he thinks people want to hear wherever it is that he is. I’m very disappointed that a former Baptist minister whose faith teaches that Mormonism is a cult can endorse Mitt Romney. He spent 2010 endorsing, campaigning and contributing to campaigns in order buy endorsements for this election. I will not vote before I will vote for Romney and Mike Huckabee has lost my respect.

  3. Terry says:

    I like Huckabee a lot more this election than I did in 2008. I see him now as an honest person who isn’t letting his core religious beliefs interfere with his decision as to who is the best candidate to beat Obama and get this country back on track again. And…I think he has the ability to get more folks on Romney’s side.

    Another thought: Last election after Super Tuesday, Romney realized there was a good chance that he would not win the GOP nomination, so instead of hanging in until the potential bitter end, he did the honorable thing for the party and dropped out. Should he do well on Super Tuesday, I’m wondering if Newt and Santorum will also show a little honor and do the same thing?

  4. RC says:

    To answer your question Terry – I don’t think so. If Newt and Santorum stay in, that will show to the country that their pride is definitely a priority and tops the list. It’s not about God, or being conservative or how religious you are or have become – it is simply pride, which is one of the 7 deadly sins. It isn’t about the Party or the Nation, its about them. Its about ego. Its about revenge. Its about pride.

  5. Kyle says:

    Mitt Romney is a good man, period. As though as the 2008 election was for Huckabee and Mitt I truly think it is a testimony to Mitts character how they get along now. Mitt was one if the first guests on his show at the beginning of the campaign season and they joked about how ironic they could be sitting across from each other as friends now. Same thing with John McCain who is now advocating on Romneys behalf. I think the tide is turning and Mitt just might pull an upset in the South tomorrow!

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