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Guys, we get a lot of great fan mail.  I’ve maintained for a long time that we have the best readers of any political website in America.  (Yes, Larry… you included!)  However, we get a lot of pretty hateful e-mails as well.  Sometimes, you just have to share the love, so I’ve blotted out the identifying information of this morning’s Evangelical E-Mailer of the Week.

Some of our hateful e-mailers could learn a lot from this guy:

1.  Use a clever derogatory name for me.  Dean, in the above example, selected “C–t” followed by “face.”

2. However, if you’re sending a rude, insulting, profane e-mail, it’s important to remember to turn off the automatic Christian, inspirational signature line.  It somewhat lessens the effect of the “c–tface” slur.

3. Work in the usage of “Satan” or “Hitler” in some clever way.  Dean, above, says that we are “Evangelicals for Satan.”  Extra points for calling us Judeo-Communist!

4.  After you are finished degrading your recipient, it’s nice to add a one-line presentation of the gospel!

Though, this letter didn’t include any physical threats like some do, hopefully Dean’s e-mail will help some of you other haters to up your games!  Also, I was happy to note from Dean’s e-mail address that he is writing from a Christian ministry.


Oh my.  I googled the guy and he is NOT from a Christian ministry at all (though he would claim it.)  He is an anti-Semite, pure and simple.  Ugh.

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66 Responses to How to Write Hate Mail – A Handy EFM Guide

  1. Noelle says:

    I am so sorry that you get this kind of mail. I am grateful to you and all those who contribute to this site for your efforts to not only join forces with all of us who share common values and work for a common cause, but also for your tireless efforts on behalf of the candidate who I believe will be able to best turn around our floundering economy and restore the greatness of America.

    Mitt Romney 2012.

  2. Gregory Lee says:

    As I watch a limited subset of “born-again Christians” rail against and persecute others (e.g. Westboro Baptist and your new friend Dean), I often wonder two things: (1) Which Savior do they worship? and (2) If they were witnesses to Pontius Pilate’s cowardly submission to the mob, what would they have yelled? Even though I’m not “Christian,” the Jesus Christ that I worship taught love, forgiveness, and the courage to do God’s will, regardless of the vitriol of those whose actions more closely resemble Satan. Please keep up the good work!

  3. cwride says:

    Nancy, I’m sorry also you get hate mail just for sympathizing with Mormon candidates – imagine how Mormons feel sometimes. Crazy nut-jobs regularly crash Mormon gatherings to protest that we’re all going to hell. I remember as a kid attending a function and seeing large, shocking signs of bloody, aborted fetuses outside our center of worship. They were shouting at us that abortion is wrong – which we agree with. I couldn’t figure out why they thought we needed to hear their rants since we hold the same position. Sorry that you have to experience some of the anti-Mormon hysteria just for supporting Romney. I know many anti-Mormon’s think they understand and know the church – buy my experience is that they have really no idea what its like and have never attended a meeting. At the very minimum, we are decent people who deserve a measure of respect.

    • Kay says:

      I think I am spoiled as I was born in Utah and live in Idaho. I did not know those things were still happening, I have heard of protesters outside when members were headed for conference. We just get neighbors who sometimes won’t have anything to do with us.

      • Terry says:

        Kay–your comment struck a chord with me. I used to live in south east Idaho in the small farming community of Bennington (between Montpelier and Georgetown). Anyway, 99% of Bennington was LDS. We had an ordained Baptist minister move into the community one time. He was on a mission from his church to convert the Mormons in that part of the state. Needless to say, he didn’t have any success. Oh, we were all very friendly towards him and his family. His wife and kids returned the kindness, but he…well…managed to maintain his arrogance. We had a Cub Scout rodeo one year, and right in the middle of the opening prayer, he got up and left until the prayer was over. Things got kind of silly when he began passing out anti-Mormon literature. He was running a church out of his home, and one family in town was his entire congregation—the wife and children, that it. Hubby didn’t go. The amusing part was that the wife and kids were inactive LDS whom hubby would not allow to attend LDS services in the town. Until…he saw the anti-Mormon literature that this Baptist minister had given them. The husband became so incensed that he practically ordered his family to get active again in the LDS church, and forbid them from attending any more meetings held by the minister. He even went to the minister’s home and read him the riot act for bashing another religion. Eventually, the minister ran out of money (he didn’t have a job other than ministering), and moved back to where he came from. His wife used to visit my mother frequently (they were next-door neighbors). She told my mother that before coming to Bennington, they attended a class to specifically prepare for—as the instructor put it—“the persecution you will receive at the hands of the Mormons”. A few weeks after moving into town, the women told my mother that the Mormons were absolutely nothing like the instructor had claimed we would be. Everyone had treated her and her family with nothing but respect and friendliness.

    • Nancy French says:

      “At the very minimum, we are decent people who deserve a measure of respect.”
      Yeah, at the VERY minimum. I wouldn’t treat an atheist the way some treat LDS folks. But I should say, and have said before, that I used to be condescending about LDS folks and I’ve told half truths about what I thought they believed.

      So… I’m sorry. :(

      • Terry says:

        No problem whatsoever, Nancy. Your post reminded me of an article I have on my computer, “A Peacemaker in Provo: How one Pentecostal pastor taught his Congregation to love Mormons” by Dean Merrill. It appeared in Christianity Today, 7 February 2000. I’m going to email it to you. If you can get through it without choking up, you’re a better person than I am.

  4. Todd says:

    After five years of reading your posts (almost daily) I am impressed with you dignity and poses. Thank you for demonstrating Christian values in action.

  5. Larry says:

    That’s awfully sad Nancy, but you all handle it well. I turned to Beth (my wife) last night as we retired for bed and said with a sigh “I can’t wait until this is over … I’m tired if posting, I’m tired of conflict and I’m tired of talking politics”. At the end of the day we all generally want the same things though we differ on the best path forward.

    I state my case emphatically and sometimes sarcastically … but never to hurt someone. I don’;t even mind trading barbs occasionally … but hateful meanness … well, that’s to bad. I’m unhappy with some of what you, David and Charles have written here … but I respect who you all are and especially the other work you do (and your talent as writers and thinkers). Not only can I find nothing to criticize in regard to those things … I just don’t want to.

    This will all be over soon enough. When it is I hope that all of us who have posted comments here could bump into each other in the airport or wherever and give each other a hug (I’m a southerner) a smile and a kind and happy greeting.( Yes Terry, I’m talking to you ;-) ).

    Tough night, on the balance, for you guys last night (no fun I know) … not so bad for Santorum. Newt needs to bow out now … he tried but his time has passed. It’s a two man race now and a long finish I think.

    Again, too bad you must deal with a few haters but on balance you all have made a difference. Well done for stepping off the sidelines and into match.

      • Terry says:

        Need to do what I do–type your post in Microsoft Word (or whatever word processor you use), proof read it several times, THEN transfer it to EFM. Saves from some embarrassing spelling errors/typos/or whatever. :0

          • Mark Evans says:

            I’m a career journalist with a penchant for typos. I was DELIGHTED some 20 years ago to obtain an original framed 1957 Fred Lasswell ‘Snuffy Smith’ panel. In it, Caleb, editor of the Hootin’ Holler Gazette, asks Snuffy if he liked the story he did on him. Snuffy kicks him in the pants & tells him he misspelled his name. Caleb replies, ‘Honest Injun, Snuffy, it was just a typical graphical area!’ (That’s even funnier today, with the advent of ‘spellcheck typos!’ I have often hung it over my work area. And, yes, I do the MS Word thing on long posts, myself!

    • Terry says:

      Larry…I’ve never had anything against you personally. Like you, I’m very strong about expressing my beliefs. However, you operate at a much more civil level of discourse than this Dean idiot who took it upon himself to call Nancy to repentance. I have no doubt that if we were to meet at some time, the handshake would be friendly and genuine.

    • Matt says:


      I’ve been avoiding EFM. My pride wants me to say that I have a ready answer or rebuttal to all of your points on Romney’s record, but I’m just choosing not to engage you on them. Actually, I haven’t taken the time to ready such a response. I really have had a change of heart and decided that I was spending far too much time trying to defend Gov Romney, and taking it far too personally when you posted your many lengthy posts here at EFM. I clearly have not done as much research as you (to your credit) but was finding that work and family was being negatively affected by recent pursuits to “know more”….just to PROVE YOU WRONG. Well, two years as a missionary in southern Chile, should have taught me that bible bashing w/ Baptist preachers (not comparing BTW) never changed a single heart. I still feel strongly about Mitt but I realize I don’t need to prove that to anyone. What research I’ve done on Mitt (and firsthand knowledge and experience I’ve had) seems to be enough and I know you will respect that. Please know that your last post was refreshing, classy, and frankly caused me to have a change of heart….and I appreciate it. You’ve set the example of civility and have brought me out of the shadows back to EFM where I’ve always felt at home. Please, no hard feelings Larry and again, thanks. Just don’t ask me for a hug. :)

      • Larry says:

        LOL … You, Terry and I now have an official “No Hug Zone”. Your post presents a struggle I’ve been dealing with as well. My work finds me at my computer for 8 – 10 hours a day … it’s easy to check up on EFM. I’m amazed at the focus comments require though. I promised myself to become involved this time around and so I’ve tried to make some effort at influencing others … I’m way past ready for this to be over though. I prefer more uplifting, encouraging and interesting conversations.

        Sunday afternoon following church Beth and I picked up a couple of movies (Mid-August Lunch and 84 Charing Cross Road) and just left everything else behind … it was nice. My greatest challenge in this whole effort though has been to maintain a sense of God’s presence and fellowship in my life each day. Ephesians 5:18-21 is a precious passage of scripture that I embrace joyfully … communion with Jesus is the joy of life. I’ve found that practice deeply challenged during the last several months … it pains me deeply.

        Last night found me, after discussing all of this with Beth, praying for a way forward in this. I think it is an error to retreat into inaction as citizens and Christians … but there is a way, I’m certain, to enjoy not simply His direction but His continual presence in efforts which require engagement on this level. I know we often ask ourselves what Jesus would do in such a situation, but lately I asked “What would Paul do?”.

        He regularly found himself in debate, while I’m sure that he was emphatic and straight forward … something of God’s love was always underscoring his efforts I’m sure. I’ve thought a great deal about his counsel to Timothy … “But foolish and ignorant questionings refuse, knowing that they gender strifes. And the Lord’s servant must not strive, but be gentle towards all, apt to teach, forbearing, in meekness correcting them that oppose themselves; if peradventure God may give them repentance unto the knowledge of the truth, and they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by the Lord’s servant unto the will of God” (2Tim 2:23-26)

        It seems that if my efforts remain centered in serving the best interest of others, motivated by sincere love such gentleness emerges naturally. When it my motives devolve into selfish ends … well, it gets messy. It’s a practice that doesn’t come overnight to be sure … like Peter I’ve stepped out of the boat and become engaged … but I think I need towel now!

        Enjoying daily His presence in the “Spirit Filled Life” is I’m sure quite central to this effort. Pray for me friend … I want to make a difference … and friends … all the while enjoying communion with the love of my life … Jesus.

        • Terry says:

          Well put, Larry. LDS have a verse of scripture from our Doctrine and Covenants that mirrors some of what you said. “No power or influence can or ought to be maintained by virtue of the priesthood, only by persuasion, by long-suffering, by gentleness and meekness, and by love unfeigned; (D&C 121:41)

          Now, whether or not you believe that the D&C is scriptural, substitute “by virtue of the priesthood” with “over another”, and you may understand why it has been a favorite of mine for years now. The verse kind of follows along with Jesus’ statement about doing unto others, IMO. I think one can be strong (or maybe, “firm in one’s belief” is a better choice of terms) in voicing an opinion, and yet show love and meekness towards the person one is addressing at the same time.

          Just my personal opinion, of course.

        • Matt says:


          Your words are truly profound and thoughtful. Like you, I too pray for “a way forward” and for the ability to remain focused on what matters most…an adoring wife and 5 beautiful children. These blogs can become so addicting and, alas, time consuming. And, while I don’t (as you stated) want to retreat into a state of apathy or inaction, I can’t neglect my relationship with my family, my work, and most important, with my Savior. And sadly, sometimes, in the heat of battle (of words of course) I have judged others (yes, you) harshly and it has shown in the content of my posts. I hope you will forgive any of my past offenses. God bless you Larry. While we may disagree on politics, I’d have no problem calling you friend. …oh, alright…maybe even a hug. Perhaps down the road we can spar a little(in tame way of course) on some of those points on Mitt’s record. Who knows, maybe we’ll agree on something

          • Nancy French says:

            Wait a minute — we haven’t add suddenly agreed to stop reading EFM have we? I want you to be addicted to this site!!

        • Nancy French says:

          Larry, I read all of this when the post went up, and wanted to thank you for the post! Now you have me wondering what Mrs. Larry is like!

          • Larry says:

            Beth is extraordinary. Loves Jesus with her whole heart … and loves me (go figure). We’ve been best friends since shortly after we met. 30 years and 4 children later we’re more in love with Jesus and each other than ever.

            She’s always been a complete partner in our marriage, parenting, ministry and business … she’s my hero. Patient, kind, funny but strong and independent … if
            Gloria Steinem wants to know what makes a great women she should spend some time with Beth. I didn’t know it was possible to love any human so much before meeting Beth … I’m still amazed that God blessed me so.

            She’s now set her sights on writing children’s literature … a collaborative effort with our oldest daughter, Meredith. It’ll be fun to watch this grow.

    • Jon says:

      Dang it, Larry. Just when I think I’ve got you figured out, you throw a curve ball. Your post was beyond classy. Thank you. I really appreciated it.

      I have similar feelings to those expressed by Matt, who also responded to your post. I must say that Matt has been much better at restraining himself, though. At any rate, I won’t be contesting your posts anymore. I see no point in it. I understand that you hold a different view than I do. I cannot convince you to see things my way, and you cannot convince me to see things your way. And that is okay. I don’t want contention or ill will, and I apologize if I have been the bearer of such. I would much rather see you as my brother than as my enemy. A brother with a different opinion, but a brother nonetheless. And after your post above, I would be proud to be considered your brother. Thank you, again.


  6. Nick says:


    “Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.” Matthew 5:11. I believe the “you” here can refer to anyone to include: Christians persecuted by secularists & followers of other faiths, and also non-believers and Christians who are persecuted by those that call themselves Christian but do not act accordingly.

    The honest application of the simple “WWJD” by the author of this letter would have rendered it nullified. I take no issue with someone fighting for what they believe in, but I also believe that when you proclaim to be a standard bearer you must abide by that standard to enjoy efficacy. If only others were so inclined…

    May you keep up the good work, and always uphold your standards.

  7. Wendi Chamberlain says:

    What a horrible email. Satan is apparently alive and well, but I don’t think Dean needs to look very far to see who is being influenced by him.

  8. Terry says:

    Wow, Nancy! And I thought anti-Mormons on YouTube were bad! *grin* At least this idiot threw in a “May God bless” and gave a one sentence testimony of Jesus Christ. (One has to wonder though, what Jesus would think about having his name associated with the above “love letter”?) I was referred to as “pond scum” once by an anti-Mormon when I was defending my beliefs to him, and I thought that was the ultimate of crass. However, I do believe that “C-t face” out-does even that one. After a time, as you’ve undoubtedly discovered by now, one becomes immune to the name calling, and your emotions migrate from hurt, to acceptance that there are actually people out there who would say things, to genuine sadness and pity for those who engage in doing it.

    To you Nancy (and David, Charles, and Timothy), this Mormon offers a GENUINE “May God bless”.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    • Terry says:

      TYPO ALERT:say things” should read “say such things“. (And I just now suggested to Larry that he type his posts into a word processor and proofread them several times before transferring them to an EFM post to prevent things like that from happening. How to shoot one’s credibility in the foot.) *slinking quietly into the background*

  9. Edie Clemons says:

    This is so sad! The best way to deal with this is to follow the Savior’s teachings.
    Matthew 5:44
    But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;
    Edie Clemons

  10. Arfisher says:

    Nancy I found this comment by a religious professor out of Wabash University ( a non-mormon) to make a lot of sense here when he accurately describes what you have experienced. Especially when he says at the end of his first paragraph ” deriding Mormonism pulls off the neat trick of making the devout and the godless fell as if they are on the same side.”

    ” Mocking Mormonism is one of the last frontiers of verbal lawlessness to be untouched by the vigilante powers of political correctness. What other group is ridiculed equally by Christians and secularists—and not just any kind of Christian or secularist but the most fervent and hard core? Fervent Christians see in Mormonism a mirror distorting their own faith, reflecting an image strangely recognizable yet recognizably strange. Hard-core secularists think Mormonism is the best example of the strangeness and danger inherent in all religious belief. Deriding Mormonism pulls off the neat trick of making the devout and the godless feel as if they are on the same side.”. Stephen H. Webb Wabash university

    PS. I am sorry you are being persecuted for trying to do what is best for your country and for being a peacemaker reaching across the divide that we have erected between good peoples of different religions.

  11. JL Fuller says:

    Among Mormons, we ask which spirit we are following when we go off course. I think these hateful people have made it perfectly clear which spirit they have chosen to listen to. A little repentance and realignment seems appropriate.

  12. Jenny B says:

    God bless each of you for your efforts. Larry, it was nice to see your response :) Thanks, buddy! We are all one big human family, each with our own views and opinions- and we should appreciate and accept one another for our differences (not to get confused with the Left’s new meaning of “tolerance,” that in order to accept someone you have to embrace their values and beliefs as your own). We all have lots to learn from one another. I found that out as a school teacher in the inner city, and I’m finding it out again as a parent to three VERY different children (the “spirited” toddler is teaching me the most right now). I echo the “beatitiude” scripture quoted from Matthew 5… Jesus really does have all the answers. Let us continue to stand in the face of adversity and downright HATE. Isn’t it amazing that Christ said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,” !?!? What a response in the face of the ugly, blind hate that was shown to Him, epecially there at the end of His mortal ministry. My interpretation of that scripture at this time in my life is, “Father, if they REALLY took the time to find out the facts, they wouldn’t be treating me like this. I love them, and I know they just don’t fully understand what they are doing- they have been misinformed- otherwise they would be taking the higher road.” Nancy, and all you EFMers, thanks for taking the “higher road.” May the Lord bless you! And great job keeping your whits about you and your sense of humor in all of this.

  13. Phil says:

    This reminds me of a short email exchange I had with Bill Keller (of anti-Mormon fame) a few years ago, when in a moment of temporary insanity I sent him an email, stating that I thought his attitude towards Mormons was very un-Christian like. He actually responded to my email with this short “inspirational” message:

    LOL!!.enjoy hell idiot..LOL!!

    Know that I am praying for you, be richly blessed,
    Bill Keller

    To get Bill Keller’s FREE Daily Devotional…sign up at the link below by
    putting in your email address and look for the confirming email you must
    reply to..

  14. Mr B says:

    You all should read Ann Coulter’s latest book “Demonic”. It describes mobs and mob behavior. These kind of hateful emails are a perfect example of mob expression. Unfortunately even our Christian brothers and sisters get drawn in to mob behavior. “they shall deceive the very elect” (Matt 24:24) Once you read Ann’s book you will never be fooled by a mob again. Saul Alinsky is the Godfather of modern mob tactics today. He even dedicated his book to Lucifer, the original activist. Of course the father of all mobs, mob violence and all lies is Satan himself.

  15. Alecia says:

    I am so sorry to hear that you are being vilified for doing nothing more that supporting a worthy and respectable candidate. This kind of blanket discrimination is completely offensive. It is based on intolerance and misconceptions and it is troubling that this type of hatred still exists in America.

    Romney has to overcome a unique resistance that no other candidate must face. It is going to take time, but I believe he will. Your contribution and the EFM team offer a fascinating perspective. I have no doubt that your efforts will continue to calm a prejudice towards the best candidate in the race.

    Thank you for having the courage to speak your mind. Thank you for seeing beyond concerns about Mitt Romney’s faith and being willing to see that he is a unique leader whose skills and remarkable experience will undoubtedly help our country. Thanks for pointing out that he is a leader is who is different not because of his faith, but because of his fascinating resume.

    Go Mitt!

  16. Mike (Green Eyeshades) says:

    Nancy, I too am sorry for all the grief you EFMers have had to endure over the years. Do you think Dean even realizes the Jesus Christ was a Jew?

    I have also come to these pages on almost a daily basis since you started in 2006; you guys are addicting :) I’ve appreciated your well thought-out comments and for even making reference to some of my emails on occasion under your old format before you had a comment section. It actually made me feel like I was adding something to the dialogue in some small way. To my knowledge, in all that time, you have never solicited any sort of contribution but have generously maintained this blog from your own funds. You and David have donated hours of your time going to conventions, making speeches and being part of the process which many of us would like to be able to do but cannot. Your commitment to Gov. Romney is unquestioned and appreciated.

    Since I have benefited and enjoyed the thoughts of David, Charles, and you for so many years now, I feel like I should do more than just post comments. I looked for your ‘Contribute Now’ button but couldn’t find it so where do I mail my check? I’m totally serious!

    And Larry, if you are going to take advantage of their graciousness by continuing to use these pages to express your oped opinions, I think you should make a contribution as well. However, I’m sure they would just rather you accept the inevitability of Mitt’s nomination and get behind him instead of continuing to be divisive.

  17. Kelli Nidey says:

    So glad I found this post. As a Christian and a Democrat and a woman, I feel that the increasing intensity of hatred coming my way from certain elements of the right is terrifying. A few years ago I was already hearing some preachers in the area preach that you are automatically going to hell if you are a Democrat. Now I am starting to worry that they would like to hasten my trip. While I don’t agree with everything Mitt Romney says politically, I have tremendous respect for him because he definitely walks the walk as a Christian. His donations to charity, his love for his wife, his attitude toward others that is gracious instead of filled with hate. I understand that when he said he wasn’t worried about the poor because he meant there is already a program in place to help them. His focus on jobs is what we need or we won’t be able to help the poor through private or public means.

    • Jenny B says:

      Welcome, Kelli :) Thanks for sharing your views, and I am glad to see you here. I found the blog not too long ago while looking for positive press on Mitt. I think you are right on with your view of Mitt as someone who walks the walk. Hugs (I’m a Southerner) and welcome!

  18. kristy a says:

    Oh my! So sorry that you have to deal with emails like this Nancy (and others). As the Bible says, “By their fruits, ye shall know them”. I believe that kind of hateful speech says a lot about a person. Jesus taught us to “love one another” not to “only love those who think exactly the same as you”. I love the parable of the Good Samaritan which teaches us how to treat one another. How can these people call themselves Christians when they clearly do not follow Christ’s teachings? Unbelievable. We are all God’s children and should treat one another with respect, regardless of differences. I am a Mormon (and we are Christians for heaven’s sake!) but have many great friends who are Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, and even Jews and Muslims. They are wonderful people and they are all children of God. Thank heaven not all people who call themselves Christians are so cruel to others. People who engage in hateful speech and behavior aren’t helping the cause of Christ–they are stirring up contention, which is of the devil. By the way, is a great site geared toward explaining our faith and answering questions. God bless you Nancy and all those at EFM!

  19. Gramajane says:

    I ave been appreciating your work since the last pres. Election. So sorry you have been getting flack. I’m LDS and should be used ti it by now but sometimes the negativity gets to me and I find myself getting sarcastic which I think is not Christ like. So I have to walk away for awhile.
    Yes, Saul thought he was doing Gods work when he persecuted the Christians but when we are unkind to anyone it hurts God and us too. We are supposed to love even those who despite fully use us. It helps me to remember we are all children of God and that at least after this life ( if not before) they will come to understand what harm they have done and so will probably repent then.
    But I need to forgive them NOW and not carry negative thoughts in my heart or it hurts me more. God bless us all with whatever He knows we need most. Probably it is peace and trust that “all things will turn to the good of them that love the Lord”? — I’m working to trust and not stress! Hugs!

  20. Adrienne says:

    So sorry.

    I know you are “used to it” but I’m sure it causes a lot of stress nonetheless.
    I will make it a point to pray for you in a special way tonight.

    My situation is not as dire, but still sad.
    I just had a “discussion” with a friend on my front porch yesterday. She will NOT vote for Romney even against Obama b/c he’s a progressive and pro choice. When I pointed out Romney has changed she said she doesn’t believe it. So I asked her if she knew Hyde and Santorum used to be pro choice.


    When I sent emails to her backing this up she insisted she is well informed on the subject and will NOT be voting for Romney.

    Sad. Sad. Sad.
    Hang in there.
    ~ Adrienne

  21. JL Fuller says:

    Adrienne makes a good point. For some folks, it is only about a single issue and no matter how much proof we proviede they will not re-think thier position. It really is a case of “I have made my mind up so don’t confuse me with the facts” kind of thing. Mormons have lived with this kind of blindness by others for decades and still do.

  22. JL Fuller says:

    If I can add one thing, putting on my change agent hat for a moment, the person Adrienne referenced is exhibiting a fear response. Someone or something has convinced her that her position on this matter is more than just a political one. It could be that she is convinced it is a religious one so that if she changes her mind she going against God’s will. We should not condemn this person but be simpathetic for her plight – assuming my assumptions are right. Readers should be aware I have been wrong occassionaly.

  23. Liz says:

    Ugly stuff. Suck it up and fight the good fight. Sad to say, it’s nothing American kids don’t get all through the public school system.

  24. Hannah Rebekah says:

    Sorry Nancy that you have been attacked by those who should know better. I agree with the others posting that you have shown real charity and class. I too have been called vial names from ‘so called’ Christians who damned me to hell.
    Larry…I too agree with the sentiment here…you are A-okay!!! We just need to see what we can do to convert you to believing in Romney for President. :)
    If not, well….that’s okay as well…

  25. Layne Pitcher says:

    Sorry for the delayed response. I had a sudden attack of employment that I had to attend to this weekend.

    Thank you David, Nancy, Charles and Timothy for all you guys are doing. There will be a lot of people who are not going to change their minds untill the general election and some that will never change (I still believe they are a loud minority) but the more hearts and minds we touch now the easier this is going to be in the fall.

    You guys are laying the foundation for the most qualifies and best equipped candidate to take on the Obama campaign machine in the general election. Once there is no other option I really believe that the majority of folks are going to realize that this is not about theology and more about values and experience.

    Thank you again.

  26. Ray says:

    Sorry, just got to this. Nancy, this post speaks volumes about your character. You took all of this abusive vitriol and found a humorous way to turn the other cheek. The comments have been funny, thought provoking and moving. For those concerned about EFM’s future after the election, remember 2016 when Gov. Romney is up for reelection. I know Nancy and David will not give up the good fight. Proud to call you friend for over four years now.

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