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Mitt Romney celebrates primary victory in Florida

With all the networks calling Illinois early for Mitt — and with the margin shaping up to be larger than many expected — it might be time for his rivals to think seriously about why they’re still in the race.

Simply put, this primary hasn’t really been all that close.  Look at these numbers from Real Clear Politics:

Total Votes & Delegates
Candidates Votes Delegates
Romney 3,708,483  516
Santorum 2,469,127  236
Gingrich 2,117,034  141
Paul 994,036  66

Do you see anything close about those numbers?  Mitt has almost 50% more votes than his next-closest competitor, and he’s got more delegates than all his competitors combined.  Those are not the numbers of a close race.  Certainly individual state contests have been very, very close, but even if you switched the outcome of one or two of those states, the numbers below would not be appreciably different.

Barring a devastating and completely unforeseen scandal, there’s really no point to continuing the fight.  There’s no plausible scenario where Rick Santorum can get a majority of delegates, and his best possible case (though still highly unlikely) is to limp into a “brokered” convention trailing Mitt in votes and delegates.

We’re beginning to reach the point where men of good will look at the calendar, look at the results, and remember that the ultimate goal is not personal advancement.  We’ve got a presidential race to run and a nation’s finances to save.  It’s time to unite.

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19 Responses to Mitt Wins Big, and the Numbers Don’t Lie

  1. Kay says:

    In 2008 Romney left the race as soon as he saw that his chances of winning the nomination were over. He graciously left the race so and back the lead candidate, helping to pave the way for a Republican victory. The race for Presidency has never been an ego trip for Mitt Romney. I wish that those in the race today would stop and think about what their choices and actions will mean to the future national election. I pray they are not being motivated by any personal agenda.

    • Tess Wade says:

      United we stand, divided we fall. We need to get behind Mitt, beat Obama, and get government spending under control. Let’s do it for our children and grandchildren. Our parents didn’t dump a mess on us, they built a strong economy for us to grow and prosper in. I want to do the same for my children. Mitt is the man to clean up, fix up, and put government back in working order. Go Mitt!

  2. Terry says:

    What’s happened to Honor?

    David referenced “men of good will”. Unfortunately, Santorum and Gingrich don’t qualify for that accolade. I say ‘unfortunately’ because neither man is willing to do what Mitt did in 2008: quit for the good of the party and then support the GOP candidate (McCain) “more than anyone else did” (McCain’s words). That is what a person of honor does. I believe that Romney’s 2008 act qualifies as “taking one for the team”. (Sound familiar, Rick?) Well, we now have a situation where Rick and Newt need to take one for the team–but they won’t. For them, it’s not about the team anymore. It’s about them personally.

    For Rick, who is convinced that God told him to run for president, this quest for the GOP nomination is all about Rick. When God has your back–as Rick is totally convinced He does–you don’t quit. Somehow, someway, God is going to work a miracle on his behalf. He has strongly alluded as much in news interviews. I’m not dissing Rick’s religious convictions. If he wants to believe that God has chosen him to be the next president, then that’s his business–but it’s business that he should have kept to himself. When you go public with something like that, as he did, then you rightfully open yourself up to questioning. The other problem with being convinced that “I’m more special in God’s eyes than the other candidates are” is that I think he has been considerably more cemented to pursuing the nomination to the bitter end than he would have otherwise pursued it. I think that he has said and done things he normally would not have said and done if he believed that he had no ‘special’ divine assistance from above. This stubbornness, I fear, is ultimately going to damage him and his family, and perhaps even his faith to some degree.

    For Newt–who knows deep down that he doesn’t have a chance at the nomination–staying in the race is nothing more than revenge against Mitt. His goal is to prevent Mitt from reaching the magic 1,144 delegates before the convention. If he is successful–a scenario I can’t see happening–then, who knows what scheme he will come up with then.

    With all the bad blood the two of them have expressed against Romney, one wonders, when Mitt does win the nomination, if either of them will give him even a small modicum of help in the general election?

    I can’t see that happening, either.

    In spite of all the negativity, there are some positives–mainly on Romney’s side. For him, this has been equivalent to a military boot camp, a preparatory training to go with all his other skills against the time when he is called on to do battle against the Obama machine. Every day, I become more convinced that Mitt is the man for the job. Santorum and Gingrich? Training tools, as far as I’m concerned. They have been, and will continue to be for a short period more, useful adversaries for Mitt to hone his political skills on. After that, *poof*. Yesterday’s news.

    Now I’m going to just sit back and see if my prognostications (take that, Larry!) turn out to be correct.

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      “That is what a person of honor does. I believe that Romney’s 2008 act qualifies as “taking one for the team”. (Sound familiar, Rick?) Well, we now have a situation where Rick and Newt need to take one for the team–but they won’t. For them, it’s not about the team anymore. It’s about them personally. ”

      Well, getting back to my basketball rants once more, they seem to have forgotten the teamwork that makes a basketball game work. There’s the need to make the shot, but an assist can often do well, especially when the opposing team is guarding the “zone”. Gingrich and Santorum need to get a clue and realize that the opposing team is running a zone defense against scoring a basket for our side, unless there’s a willingness to score the shot with assistance, you have a low likelihood of making it. Trust me, there needs to be serious teamwork to argue back against loads of claims that the economy is doing bad, and so on. But on the other hand, I feel pretty confident that Romney still has some more to pull, and hopefully can demonstrate double that on this campaign trail, he is the person to whom the independents and GOP should rail behind, because he can perform.

  3. Chris says:

    Here’s another number that doesn’t lie:

    Mitt Romney has won EVERY STATE, except those that are 50% Evangelical or higher.

    Every. State.

    As much as you are all doing here, (and I applaud you) there’s still a long way to go. If Mitt were not Mormon the race would look a whole lot different. Le Sigh.

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      As much as you are all doing here, (and I applaud you) there’s still a long way to go. If Mitt were not Mormon the race would look a whole lot different. Le Sigh.

      I don’t regret the fact that he is. I am not of his faith, but his more realistic promises are the important part. Very little of what is promised by Santorum or Gingrich could be accomplished by the president, not immediately, and plenty not at all. Economics is more in line in the sense that the president does have that special capacity to veto a bill and it’s expenditures, and contest it until it is either overridden, which is unlikely given that 2/3 vote is needed to do that, and then he can contest it until he sees a better bill.

      The moral preaching by Santorum and Gingrich is also unrealistic as well. Few politicians keep the same view, even on abortion. Ronald Reagan, GHWBush, George W. Bush, and even Rick Santorum all changed their minds on the issue of abortion, and what policy was the most acceptable, by Rick sitting back and arguing that Romney wasn’t always this super-pro-life polititician, I realize at second thought, the whole statement is more alienating and unrealistic than it is promising. Would Santorum like to be held to the standard of only pro-life if you always were?

      Second is the healthcare idea, which Romney contested to get the final product, which is close to the Heritage Foundation’s proposal. Second, Romney isn’t trying to promise undoing Obamacare on day one, which is simply a practical thought, why? First, it’s not just the president’s perrogative, a congressional vote is needed, and that definitely takes more than a day to accomplish that, second, undiong the entire government healthcare system is going to be a long series of contests with Congress, as to what budgets in the bill gets the cut, and what doesn’t. Now, while Rick and Newt feel like trying to throw the whole issue under the bus, Romney has the better idea in terms of explaining his entire dealing with it. And as far as I can see, he’s got a far greater grasp as to what’s in store.

      • Brandon from NJ says:

        And Mitt Romney shows in a larger picture, the fact that the GOP isn’t neccessarily the party that shuts out educated, practical, individuals with a message like Romney has.

  4. Liz says:

    Key phrase here “men of good will.” I’ve been saying this race divides conservatives into patriots and parasites. It’s a serious matter for lots of us.

  5. ignoramus says:

    It’s all part of the Plan
    You will now appreciate this, Terry. People have been in denial for four years when Mitt wisely “quit”. I pointed out that he had passed the first part of the test and was rewarded with a sign. On Super Tuesday in 2008 a Tornado tore through the Bible belt and killed 50 in the vicinity that his GG Grandfather(s) concluded the historic Zion’s Camp. Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Parley Pratt and Miles Romney were saved from an armed mob of 400 by a tornado. All recorded this in their Journals in about 1835 and they returned to Kirtland. Mitt’s test ended on the night of Super Tuesday, 2008 and 50 died in the tornado in the same area on the evening of Super Tuesday, 2008. Within 12 hours Mitt held his press conference concluding his run. I never considered that a failure, and I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop.
    I talked to Josh on two occasions when he campaigned for Mitt in Idaho and he said he had not been told of this event when he was growing up. It seems like fiction now, but it will be history some day.
    In my video on the Romney connection to the Mexican Colonies in 1884, the settler’s crops failed because of the dry conditions of the valley they were sent to. They fasted and prayed and an earthquake opened a fresh water aquifer the size of a large river and they dammed the valley and have been farming the best peach orchards in Mexico for the last 130 years. They built an academy in Colonia Juarez and have sent their youth to BYU for 120 years. They all had US citizenship from the beginning to the present day. Many influential people have come from there. I have known these people all my life and they are blessed beyond any imagination.
    There is a Rabbi in Jerusalem who claims the Tora has a code that claims Mitt will be the Great President of Zion in the USA and G-d will be pleased. And now I go to bed. Refer to meetmitt dot net and mitt2012 dot info for details in Mexico and Jerusalem.

  6. Gary says:

    Mitt Romney’s campaign is a demonstration of his ability to plan, organize, and execute. He put together the money and resources to run an excelent candidacy. His forsight and preparation has given him all the advantages of a successful campaign. His contenders, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, would give the impression that these qualities are unfair. So, to make it fair they are saying that even though they can’t win enough delegates they will prevent Mitt from winning enough delegates. I wonder how they define fair?
    I’m beginning to wonder which side Rick Santoram and Newt Gingrich are playing for. This has always been a contest about the American people. Thus far the majority of the Republilcns are clearly choosing Mitt Romney for their candidate and he has won them playing a fair game. I think Rick and Newt are only thinking about themselves instead of the American people.

    • Rozann says:

      I suspect they would define “fair” the same way children and teens do–it’s when I get the long end of the stick. Then it’s fair.

    • Amanda says:

      Yea…with proportional deligates, Romney would clinch this only winning 50% of each states deligates, on June 5th. Most of the remaining states Romney will get more than 50% of the deligates, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the nominee much sooner!

  7. Abe says:

    “There is a Rabbi in Jerusalem who claims the Tora has a code that claims Mitt will be the Great President of Zion in the USA .”

    Is there a source/link to that?

  8. RC says:

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but after watching Mitt Romney’s victory speech last night and also watching Rick Santorum’s losing speech, it was a difference of night and day. Mitt’s humbleness came through loud and clear. Also, he was portraying his vision for America and comparing his with Obama – a stark contrast. While listening to Rick, he appeared that he was full of venom. Tearing down Romney in every sentence that he could. Is this what we really want in an Executive and Leadership role? Especially for President? Newt, in his little speech after, was also full of venom and revenge.

    Both Rick and Newt cannot win the nomination outright with delegates (and they know it) and now since plan A is not going to work out they are going to plan B. Instead of focusing on everything that they can do to get “their” message out and have the voters decide, they are going to focus all of their attention now on Romney, tear him down and much as possible so that “he” can’t win the nomination. This reminds me of the chariot race in Ben Hur. Since Macella could not win on his own accord, he did everything in his power to take down Judah, even whipping him with his whip. We know what happens to Macella after that. Even after the race, and Judah the victor, even on his death bed he is still so full of venom that he states: “The race is not over Judah. It goes on.”

    The American People are not “stupid”. They can see right through Rick and Newt. Mathmatically, they know that it is not possible during the Primary to win the nomination. Therefore, they have stooped to the lowest level by choosing the path of destruction, not only for themselves, but for the Party and also the Nation. Numbers don’t lie.

    • Terry says:

      I think you and I are in agreement about Rickster and the Newt. Like Macella, I think for them, the race will never be over, even when the math proves otherwise. I see each bemoaning years down the road that “I could have been president if it weren’t for Romney”, blaming him for their failure to impress more voters. Newt is a loose cannon (i.e. talk of building moon bases during a disastrous economy, etc), and Rick wears his religion on his sleeve too much in his efforts to draw attention away from his other lack of qualifications for U.S. president.

      That’s how I see it, anyway.

      • Brandon from NJ says:

        Rick’s fixation on abortion and gender issues bother me. Not that my views are different, but let’s face it, just knowing what to think on abortion alone isn’t really a demonstration of leadership, plus there’s that feeling in my head saying, “Come on, I get the point already, try something else.”

  9. Kay says:

    Why this election is critical to America is stated in the following simple and profound comment that I read on another blog. I share it for its importance.

    frankspence Collapse
    Given the number of Americans who do not pay Income Tax is now 47% – and rising under Obama, and that there has never been more people on Food Stamps, and that the scope of people on Welfare of one kind or another is increasing you are approaching, if you have not already reached it a split of 50% plus relying on one State hand out or another. Once that balance is reached it is game over for the Republican Presidential candidates going forward, because Turkeys do not vote for Christmas. This is not speculation on my part, I am British and have watched this scenario play out in our country since the introduction of the Welfare State in 1948, it has increased every time Labour held power and our economic situation has deteriorated as a result, so my comments are experiential.
    In an unrelated matter, kind of, I have just received an e-mail detailing an publicised item in the Affordable Healthcare Act – though what it is doing in that Act I do not know. As from 2013 if you sell a House in the US you will be subject to a “house sales Tax” which will increase over time. This will adversely affect Seniors who wish to down size as they will have less disposable cash to invest in their new home. It also has another effect, certainly initially, it will further depress the housing market, an area which even Obama has admitted is the boiler room of the economy. We have a similar Tax here in the UK, we call it stamp duty and on “normal homes” it is 1% of the price, over £250,000 ($375,000) it rises to 2% and it is now proposed that for homes over £2 million ($3 million) it should be 7%, that would add £140,000 ($210,000) to the bill for selling, these taxes are imposed on the seller. This measure should be opposed but Democrats will push it as part of their “fairness doctrine”.

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