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A fantastic segment about Ann.

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5 Responses to The Romney You Need to Know

  1. Adrienne says:

    I saw Ann speak in Holland, MI just before the MI primary.

    I knew she had gone through a tough time w/ MS but was driven to tears when she talked about the fatigue that she experienced w/ her MS.
    She said that she would get tears in her eye (or almost did_ when looking at an envelope in the mail b/c she knew she would have to do something w/ it and knew she didn’t have the energy to do that.

    I have been there. I am coming out of adrenal fatigue.

    I know what it is like to cry about envelopes = and more.

    I can’t say I’ve always been as graceful as Ann. In fact, I know I haven’t.

    It’s a hard road. My husband has supported me – we’ve had to spend a lot of money to heal me and it is working.

    Great video. Thanks for sharing.

    It’s nice that even those outside of our religious faith can be such an inspiration.

  2. Gene says:

    Even those w/out faith can be motivational on some subjects.
    Remember….Paul didn’t believe in Christ , in fact, he held the robes of those who stoned to death Christ’s
    followers ! Noooo I am not talking about Ron Paul (o: (he’s not that old ….is he?) Apostle Paul ! (o:
    Ann Romney is very good at sparking up the crowds…Mitt’s secret weapon ! (o:

    • Jon says:

      I am not clear on the relevance of your first sentence. Are you suggesting that Ann Romney is without faith?

  3. Jean says:

    It is very nice to see Neil Cavuto praised Ann. I have supported the Romney since his run in 2008. I believe Ann is such a lady and the Romney family is a great example for America. Often times I get frustrated with Fox New anchors (not Neil) seem to play down Romney and go gaga with Gingrich, Cain , etc..and now Santorum. I will be so proud to have the Romney as our first family in 2012.

  4. Terry says:

    As president, Mitt Romney will be the most qualified financial man this country had ever had in the White House. However, I have to give my nod to his wife Ann, who out-classes him and will be the best First Lady ever–and certainly the most compassionate.

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