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On Saturday, from the Pennsylvania version of CPAC, National Journal reported as follows:

In 2006, Pennsylvania voters ended Rick Santorum’s Senate career. Six years later, could the Keystone State shut down his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination?

Home states have posed critical tests for GOP candidates this year, from Mitt Romney in his birth state of Michigan to Newt Gingrich in Georgia, the state he represented in Congress. Next month’s Pennsylvania primary is a must-win battle for Santorum in the state he served as a congressman and senator for 16 years.

If Santorum fails to win Pennsylvania’s April 24 primary – and there are signs he’s vulnerable here despite his longstanding ties to the state – it could puncture any hope he has of capturing his party’s presidential nomination. A primary race that had threatened to last until the summer could end more suddenly if front-runner Romney manages a Pennsylvania upset.

“If Santorum loses Pennsylvania, it’s over,” said Lowman Henry, who hosted the annual gathering of Pennsylvania conservatives this past weekend at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, where Santorum spoke Saturday. “He might as well pull out the next day.”

Yesterday, as if on cue, a new poll by Franklin & Marshall College showed that the race is now tied.  That’s a huge move.

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EFM's resident Yankee, Charles Mitchell, works in the non-profit arena in his native Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Charissa, live near the state capital of Harrisburg with their daughter, Adeline, and are members of a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America.

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5 Responses to Your Dispatch from Pennsylvania

  1. L. E. Deaux says:

    Rick might win strictly because he’s Catholic and because he repeatedly calls Romney a liberal or moderate even though Mitts actuall policy positions on domestic and foreign affairs are more conservative than even Reagan’s as well as his own. Romney’s 4 year venture into state health care is really not like Obama Care and was a 10th Amendment program Romney calls a state right, not a federal right. Romney believes government involvement in health care should be limited to the “uninsurables” and believes the private sector should do the rest. Romney’s faith is regardless of peoples opinions, decidedly Christ centered and more importaint, his personal approach to faith is clearly that of a compassionate and tempered, faithful man. His fiscal abilities are unquestioned. Pennsylvanians should not waste a vote and weaken the GOP. They should vote for Mitt Romney and end the race.

    • Romney’s faith is regardless of people’s opinions, decidedly Christ centered and most important, his personal approach to faith is clearly that of a compassionate and
      tempered, faithful man. His fiscal abilities are unquestioned. Pennsylvanians
      should not waste a vote and weaken the GOP. They should vote for Mitt Romney,
      the unity of the GOP, and end the race.

      About poor, satanas Santorum and his confused satanic mind, it’s of minuscule
      importance – hardly worth paying attention to. He is not for the unity of the GOP;
      instead he always is with the evil spirit of satanas.

  2. Terry says:

    Howdy, folks! (Couldn’t let RC be the lone squatter in here, lol)

    However, and while I’m here, I just read Santorum’s opinion of endorsements. Someone asked him what he thought about Paul Ryan endorsing Mitt Romney. His reply was, “What I find out is that most endorsements are worth one vote.”

    Really, Mr. Santorum? Then why do you have such a list of them on your web site, most from people I’ve never heard of?

    I checked Santorum’s site out. In perusing the list, I fully expected one of the endorsements to be some janitor at Po-dunk Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska who won an award for State Janitor of the Year. (I live in Omaha, so I can say that.)

    Reminds me of a spoiled kid. (I raised five teens. I know spoiled when I see it.) Santorum didn’t get the Ryan endorsement, therefore it’s of minuscule importance–hardly worth paying attention to.

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