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Good morning, Romney fans!  As you have undoubtedly seen, Governor Romney convincingly won in DC, Maryland, and Wisconsin last night in what can appropriately be seen as “the end of the end” of the GOP primary.  Or, the “walking dead” portion of Rick Santorum’s campaign.  (What?  Newt Gingrich is still running?  Surely you haven’t been paying attention.)

My friend Orit Sklar sent me this paragraph this morning, about David Brody’s most recent column.

EVANGELICALS BOARDING THE ROMNEY TRAIN: The Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody notes that Romney only lost evangelicals in Wisconsin by 3 percent (41-38) and he actually won the Tea Party vote. “That tells me that even those that were skeptical of him are starting to realize that they might as well go with the frontrunner. Everybody likes to back a winner and Mitt Romney is looking more and more like that every day.” He adds: “Santorum’s only chance is to win Pennsylvania (convincingly would be nice if you’re a Santorum fan) and then reel off a few big wins in May in places like Texas, North Carolina, West Virginia and Kentucky. But winning the nomination? I have better odds of winning The Masters this weekend.” 

On a personal note, I’ve been asking all of my anti-Romney friends what they are thinking these days.  Yes, I know it’s shocking that there are people who can withstand my rhetorical prowess and stick stubbornly with their candidate.  It is even more surprising that I maintain those friendships!  However, at church on Sunday, I asked around.  One woman said she’d definitely support Gov. Romney, and a man — with whom I literally had a shouting match in the halls of Wednesday night church — told me that he’d “walk over broken glass” to vote for Mitt.  I even talked to a woman who was 100% opposed to Mitt during the last go-around.  When I asked her if she’d vote for Mitt when he’s the nominee, she sheepishly admitted that she voted for him in 2008.  ”You wore me down,” she said.

So, it’s happening, friends.  Take a five minute rest because we are about to have the campaign of our lives!

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2 Responses to Evangelicals Are Getting on the Train!

  1. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Nancy, I’m interested
    in knowing what makes(or made) these people believe so passionately in the anti-Mitt mantra. Do they forget Rick Sanctorum’s stage presence with the Romney family-wherein he declared there was no more Conservative candidate?? If Pensylvania voters come out in droves for the Senator who lost there previously, I can only surmise the rural woods vote pulled him through.
    I never felt that the Massachusetts State healthcare law was the same as the ACA. I’ve seen healthcare from the back of an Ambulance or in the ER for 21 years. It was courageous for Romney to seek a solution for his constituents not to carry on their backs’ the cost of indigents in MA ERs.
    With a true history of resurrecting business, Mitt could well be the man of the hour in America. I believe he could one day be on a parr with…Abraham Lincoln or other Republican Presidents!

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