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The above unedited photo was taken in Fairfield, California by Christina Brown of her friend (and EFM reader) Sarah Davis.  It was taken on the day Rick Santorum was touring the Jelly Belly Factory

Get it?  Jelly beans were Ronald Reagan’s favorite treat, so why not try to associate with The Gipper there?

Well there were some good reasons that Sen. Santorum might have chosen a different locale. Herman Rowland, the proprietor and candy manufacturer hasn’t supported Santorum.  In fact, he’s supported almost everyone but the senator.  In September, he gave $2,500 to Gov. Perry, in November, he gave $1,000 to Newt; and in December, he gave $2,500 to Gov. Romney.

But Sen. Santorum pressed on with the event, and the Romney supporters showed up too.  Sarah is a small business owner and a mother of four who lives in Fairfield, California.  And when she reached out the shake Rick Santorum’s hand, he didn’t realize she was doing so – as Will Arnett’s character on Up All Night – would say – “ironically.”

I can’t imagine how hard it is to campaign for President.  From the small amount of time I’ve spent on the campaign trail, I was exhausted by the constant conversation, irritated by the people trying to take advantage the situation, intimidated by the potential political danger in the hand shaking lines, and just worn out by all the excitement by the time it was over.  I don’t blame Sen. Santorum for not realizing that he was shaking a Romney fan’s hand.

But I do think this photo is just perfectly indicative of the current status of the race: Rick Santorum at a business owned by a Romney supporter, shaking hands of the Romney supporters.  And now, he’s on the blog of Romney supporters who really want this part of the race to end so we can all be friends again.

Remember when we were friends?  We do.  Just barely.  But let’s see if we can rekindle our old relationship, Sen. Santorum. It probably won’t ever be the same, but let’s try.  For the good of the party and the good of America, read the writing on the wall.

And if not the wall, at least Sarah’s arm.

(Hat tip: Victor Lundquist on Mitt Romney Central.)

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7 Responses to Not Seeing the Writing on the… Um… Arm

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  2. Terry says:

    As Chris said, hilarious photo–and indicative of how far Santorum is willing to carry on his increasingly obvious futile run for the presidency. I know he’s expressed his willingness to be Mitt’s VP, but it’s not because of his supposed loyalty to the party and perhaps not even his desire to see Obama ousted from office–unless it’s him who does the “oustering” (invention of new word intentional). VPs sometimes go on to become president, and with the tenacity Rick has shown in his determination to stay in the race until the last shred of hope disappears, I wouldn’t doubt that he sees VP as a stepping stone to POTUS. I saw a recent clip of Rick’s wife reiterating why her husband was running for president–to wit: God told him to. I’m not dissing the Santorum’s religious beliefs, but when someone is operating under the assumption that God is 100% behind what they are doing, that can be a very powerful motive not to give up.

    I’ll tell you what’s going through Rick’s mind right now: Mitt’s delegate numbers are steadily climbing, and that’s a grave concern for Rick. Right now, he sees his current situation as a test of faith from God, and it’s up to him, Rick, to stay the course. If he does, he believes that somehow, some way, God is going to clear the way for him to win the nomination–probably via a brokered convention because he doesn’t really think that Romney is going to reach the magic 1,144 delegates before that time. I’d bet my bottom dollar on it (which, considering the fact that I’m an old retired coot on a fixed income, isn’t much–but I’d still bet it).

    Mitt’s not going to pick Rick as VP, even though past nominees have occasionally picked their opponent as their VP. At this stage, Santorum would be more of a liability than an asset.

    That’s the way I see it, anyway.

    • ked5 says:

      I agree, he thinks he’s on a mission from God, and to give it up would likely instigate a crisis of faith for him. However, I also don’t think he has what it takes to be president (and does somethings that downright remind me of the current occupant – e.g. whining and blaming others. all. the. time.).

      I would be very disappointed (and surprised) if Gov Romeny choose santorum as his vp.

  3. Gregory says:

    I am beginning to feel bad for Rick. As a Christian, he should be more humble, or he might cause himself to be humbled. He will not let go of the idea that Romney is not a Christian.

  4. Gregory says:

    I am beginning to feel bad for Rick. As a Christian, he should be more humble, or he might cause himself to be humbled. He will not let go of the idea that Romney is not a Christian.

  5. ignoramus says:

    I had some face time in the green room with Elizabeth Santorum when Rick was occupied and asked her if she know Ann Romney and Tanya Beck. She travels with Rick to all the events. She expressed an affection for both the Beck and Romney Family and being the transparent person without guile dropped her eyes and acknowledged the Kabuki of politics. In Tampa Bay it will be “one for all and all for one” when the Musketeers go forth to fight for Liberty. Have faith, Nancy. Things are going as they should this time. ~~

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