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You guys know I sometimes like to give you a peek inside our inboxes…  and this week it’s not pretty!  Here’s a doozy:

Dear friends:
As with most “evan-jelly-calls” “Evangelicals For Mitt (EFM)” are Biblically and historically illiterate pragmatist fools clearly too ignorant to have Biblical principle who believe whatever garbage they’re told, knowing nothing but warm fuzzies themselves, Mitt’s useful idiots as 1930s lefty loonies were for Stalin.  As a dilettante historian I’ve learned from many years of sore eyes how much research one must do to gain even a small degree of understanding of even events history, much less the far more difficult “big picture” seldom realized
1. how “The “Christian Dark Ages” vs “The Pagan Enlightenment” fraud was perpetrated by zealous lying antiChristian bigots easily able to con the world, and
2. how deranged lying fascist child-molester pervert Kinsey did the same with sodomy in easily overthrowing most morals jurisprudence to do his bidding (Editor’s Note: Website Omitted) and
3. like “Evangelicals” for Mitt who clearly as a whole have no clue as to what the Evangel actually is (do they even know that it means “Gospel” that itself means “good news”?) are doing today in all these cases with a few evil leaders leading the stupid sheep around by the nose.
As I’ve long said, Dems are evil and the GOP incompetent, both large numbers of sheep led around by the nose by a small cadre of leaders.
Compared to Mitt’s beloved lunatic whoring adulterous megalomaniac womanizer pervert Joseph Smith (LDS founder) who has conveniently slipped under the radar, the Obamanation’s justly condemned deranged fascist lunatic “rev” Wright was a mild-mannered loving saint (NOT), but they foolishly and idolatrously imagine that God gives a rip about politics when people look upon Him idolatrously as one to be used for vile “pragmatic” political consideration.  See (Editor’s Note: Website Omitted) and (Editor’s Note: Website Omitted) for what kind of monstrous group the LDS really are that would get every truly Biblical Christian “evanglical” in EFM (if there are any) tossed out of his church if he believed the official teachings of Mitt’s cult.
God save us,
(Name Witheld to Protect the Guilty and Ignorant)

So, let’s vote.  Should we add a motto to EFM?  For example, “EFM: Biblically and historically illiterate pragmatists?”

I’ll admit, there is a certain ring to it.  Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section below.  Tell us whether you like our new tag line or suggest one of your own!

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47 Responses to Reader Mail

  1. Gary W. Hogue says:

    It seems to me that if one claims to be Christian they would behave in a Christ like manner. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints “Mormon” I served a 2 year mission in the Bible Belt states and met a few so called Christian’s like the one above who act anything but Christian. The majority of the people I met were good and decent people. They were able to disagree without becoming vicious and without hatred in their demeaner. One would ask the author of the above message who his real master is.
    Nancy I don’t see where you need to change a thing. Mitt is the right man for the job ahead – he has the right credentials. All anyone has to do is look at his character and how he has lived his life – what he has accomplished in his life to know he’s right for the job. Religion has given him strong moral principles which is what this nation was founded upon and what it needs now to get us back on track.
    But Mitt is not running on religion. As a president he will respect all religions and support them in their God given right to worship as they feel best. If Evangelicals can’t support Mitt it is probably because of ignorance, fear, or the superstitious lies that have circulated about the Mormon’s. I’m not suggesting you should investigate our teachings but it might be wise for you to find out what Mormon’s are like to erase any misgivings. In other words look at how they live their lives for as the Lord said it is by their fruits you shall know them.
    A very non-threatening way to find out what Mormon’s are like is to visit where everyday members of the church share a brief story of their everyday lives.

  2. Kay says:

    I am pretty certain that when you are receive that kind of mail, it means you are doing something really good and really right! (You are probably frustrating the adversary in his desire to make good appear bad. ) This type of venomous talk, in my opinion, is not directed by the Holy Spirit. Someone following the promptings of Christ will approach a discussion differently. I think you are in good hands, EFM….God’s. “By their fruits ye shall know them” and I think your desires and hearts are in the right place.

  3. RC says:

    1) – “Name Withheld”. What a spineless coward! In my heart, I know that Jesus – whatever he did – always put his name on it. Wow.

    2) – It appears that “Name Withheld” is trying to appear righteous and holy, not to mention educated.

    3) – It appears that “Name Withheld” has something stuck where the sun doesn’t shine and is having difficulty in trying to remove it.

    4) – Is this how “true” evangelicals try to get converts?

    5) – I think it should be changed to: “EFM: The Gospel Geek Squad”

    Go Mitt Romney – 2012………. We Love You

    • Brandon fro says:

      Well RC, it must sound great to know that I am Brandon, Terry is Terry, Nancy and David are Nancy and David, and so on. I’ve found that there’s a tendency to post more sane responses when someone posts under a “real name”. I am not a master psychiatrist, but it’s something I have observed. That’s not to say I don’t have disagreements with yourself or others of your faith, but you can count on me to be to the point.

      • RC says:


        Thanks for the punch, I didn’t even see it coming. Shook my head a little bit to lessen the pain. Wow, I had no clue because I have been called RC ever since I was a three year old tike. Actually growing up, I thought my name was RC. I even sign my name RC. So this is what I grew up with, this is what I have been called all my life and this is how I sign my name. If you don’t like it, I am sorry. No injury or malice intended.

        • Brandon from NJ says:

          Don’t worry, no offense intended, in fact my initials would be BMW, yeah, I know, it probably sounds like I got named after a car.

  4. Cooper says:

    Wow! As frustrating as that “fan mail” is, we should pray that those hearts are softened. Their walls are built and their hearts are so poisoned, that they can’t see what is right. I have a relative that could have written that love letter, so I understand. Thanks for all you do in the name of Christ!

  5. Terry says:

    I was wondering who he was most trying to impress–himself with all the big words he was capable of using, or us, for using them. (Goal-leeeee, Raspus! All them there big sounding words must mean he’s right. We better do what he says, as soon as we figure out what he was saying!)

    Basically, I’m not impressed with his…ahhh…whatever it was supposed to be.

    Perhaps he could rent a life somewhere?

  6. Todd says:

    EFM stands for Evil Fascist Molesters? Who knew? :-)

    As mentioned previously, you must be doing something right to receive this much hate from someone who is so violently un-Christian in his speech. “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Thank you for all of your service, and may God continue to bless you in every aspect of your lives. I love reading your insightful and meaningful articles, and letters like the one you shared remind us of why it’s so important to be anxiously engaged in good works.

  7. Jim Tills says:

    For me, the word that comes to mind regarding the ignorant rant from “name withheld” is “pitiful.” Again, in my opinion, whomever it was is as ignorant a bigot as any that exist. To use biased sources to support inaccurate scandalous charges against Mormonism in an attempt to influence readers against Mitt Romney is pitiful. I would hope that noone reading EFM would fall for such balderdash.

    Thank you for sharing this from your mailbag. I love EFM as it bravely fosters good will between Evangelicals and Mormons in the common cause of saving our Nation from the dregs and horror of out-and-out socialism.

  8. kristy a says:

    “By their fruits, ye shall know them”…..(good vs. evil, light and truth vs. darkness and distortion)… their fruits speak volumes about their character. This individual doesn’t know what he/she is talking about and has obviously bought into lies and seeks to spread them. I’d not let it bother you in the least and promptly send it to “trash mail”. Keep up the good work at EFM. Your message is resonating with lots of people throughout the country.

  9. Jay says:

    Oh the poor guy. He sure is worked up. Nancy, we think you and EFM are amazing as you indomitably weather this kind of attack month after month, year after year. Such heartfelt, pejorative vitriol! At my house we’ll add the unnamed writer of this indignant letter to our prayers. May the Spirit somehow speak peace to his fierce little heart. May he learn to love his fellow Christians and fellow Evangelicals (and all those he considers pagan or fallen) with equal portions of courage and grace. And may we endeavor to treat him and his like-minded fellows with all the understanding and respect we hope for ourselves, for EFM, and for all the candidates (Mitt, included!) in this crucial election. God bless this nation and her citizens! Let’s be deserving!

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      I don’t know, but I sure hope people aren’t wasting their days on the forums, we’re getting a few days of some 80+ degree weather in New Jersey here, so that sounds to me like time for some barbecuing, swimming, and just enjoying life outdoors for a change, I would encourage whomever else had some spare time and good weather wherever they are to give it a try, even if you like trolling. Go outside, take some time to enjoy the good weather.

  10. Terry says:

    I looked up the word “dilettante”, and it basically means “amateur”, which explains much: dilettante post from “name withheld”, dilettante reasoning, and dilettante logic. For example, “name withheld” provided a few links to websites (which Nancy wisely chose not to include in her post) which supposedly proved “what kind of monstrous group the LDS really are” and, according to “name withheld”, “would get every truly Biblical Christian “evanglical” in EFM (if there are any) tossed out of his church if he believed the official teachings of Mitt’s cult.”

    “name withheld”: If they believed LDS doctrine, then they wouldn’t be Evangelical now, would they? The same reasoning applies to me. I’m LDS because I believe LDS doctrine. But that doesn’t matter, because EFM is not about religion–it’s about politics and getting a president into office who knows what he is doing and who can get this country back on track. Capeesh? (Or however the Martians say it.)

    • Marcus Aurelius says:

      The points you make resonate with me. I do not concern myself with being an Evangelical. However, I am a believer in Christ. I think we are about to elect or first LDS U.S. President. I am not worried about that. I do not have to follow the President in his beliefs.
      We are concerned that the side-bar issues have taken precedence over character, morals, and good old Know-how.
      My family are behind Governor Romney. We wanted him to face Obama in the first place, but history has favored Mitt’s running against the socialist record of Obama(even though Hope and Change have become Hate, and Envy).

      • Terry says:

        Marcus Aurelius…a pleasure to meet someone who gets it. Some LDS doctrine may be radically different than Evangelical doctrine, but the moral compasses of the two faiths are pointing in the same direction, and that’s what counts politically.

    • ked5 says:

      I confess I could only laugh at “unnamed” because he comes off as such a whackadoodle – a true paragon of christian love and chairty. (not).

      also looked up dilettante. several dictionaries had it listed as (in the context used) “desultory and superficial” interest. it’s much worse than”amateur” (a person can be technically an amateur and know what they are talking about), whereas desultory superficial is just that – the a spotty surface and nothing below it.

  11. Wendi Chamberlain says:

    Mr. “name withheld” is dark wherever it came from. Keep up the fabulous work to unite children of God in this great country!

  12. nealqr says:

    For someone who claims to be a historian who knows “how much research one must do to gain even a small degree of understanding of even events history,” he really seems to lack the breadth and depth and nuance and perspective which usually accompanies through research.

    • ked5 says:

      well – he claimed to be a dilettante. by definition a dilettant would lack breadth and depth. (and unwilling to do the necessary research to have breadth and depth.) we shall take him at his word. rof.

      right now, my son would want to quote the princess bride. I do not think that words means what you think it means. (they guy obviously needs more research time with his dictionary.)

  13. Mike says:

    FYI – the last “Editor’s Note: Website Omitted” still has a link the website if you hover the cursor over the “(“. Just thought you would want to know if the intent was not to advertise those websites.

    Usually I don’t get worked up about spelling, grammar and consistency flaws in e-mails and comments left on the web. But as one who professes to be a scholar, you would think he could proofread a little closer.

  14. Swmpfx3000 says:

    John Kennedy is talked about a lot relating to Mitt Romney and religion. I am not a Democrat but I think that Kennedy did some good things. I am also not a Catholic and have no interest in joining but I have known some very good Catholics and certainly don’t have any issue with that and Kennedy. I do however have the same issue with Kennedy that I would have with Mitt if there were similar circumstances (which there are not). That is Kennedy went on for years cheating on his wife and the First Lady of the country. That I do have a right to hold against Kennedy or anyone else. My point is that the character is what is important. Charity and character never faileth to show the true nature of the person. Mitt isn’t perfect and if we are looking for perfection we better not vote until the second coming. However, Mitt has plenty of stories to show his character. Remember, a persons true character doesn’t grow and mature under stressful times. Character is “revealed” under difficult times.

    • Steven Anderson says:

      I would like a clarification on what ‘Evangelicals ” believe. I served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but it was way back in the dark ages (1970-1972) in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska. I talked to many Evangelicals and can truly say that very few had exactly the same views on what they believed. I do not say this as a criticism, but to emphasize the point that there is very little doctrinal certainty within the Evangelical community. We can all agree that CHrist is our Savior and the only individual who can save us. As I see it the large differences come from our belief in what happened before we came to this life and what will happen after we leave. This presents a very health theological diacussion, but has little to do with how we act while we are here. I have not found any facts that would indicate that Mitt Romney is about as thouroughly Christian in action as any individual can be. His Christ like actions of service and compassion are so far above those of his financial peers, he truly is one who is the exception to the difficulty of a rich man entering heaven as to the camel going through the eye of a needle.The fruits of current “Mormon” philanthropists i.e. Marriott, Huntsmat, etc. you find a group with strong charaacter and unwavering generosity. I would hope that all Evangelicals would unite to support the fruits of Christianity and elect a man of character and morals aside from the percieved doctrinal differences.

  15. Nancy French says:

    So, thanks for being so supportive you guys. Today I’ve gotten some doozies. I mean, I would print them here, but they are so so so bad I don’t even want to print them.


    In other words, it’s fun to post them and to have y’all have a little fun with it too!

    • ked5 says:

      but Nancy, some of them are so bad they’re funny. (though yes, you’re right. these are real people holding these attitudes and that is sad.)

    • Terry says:

      Man…what a spoil-sport (as my mother used to say). More “doozies” means more idiots begging to have fun made of them. But, you may be wise not to have posted them. We need to save our barbs and witticisms for the Obama campaign folks.

  16. Deg says:

    This is how sometimes some Evangelicals try converting Mormons to Christianity.

    Often we are left in awe wondering if all Evangelical Christians are the same. Thankfully to EFM we now know better.

  17. Hannah Rebekah says:

    ALERT: “Asininity threat level: High”

    Good Heck… he’s been left behind! He’s clueless to the fact that there is no room for BUTTS in the body of Christ. I bet it’s been frustrating for him to know all the answers, but nobody bothers to ask him the questions. Whatever it is that’s been eating him, it must be suffering horribly.

  18. Dwight S says:

    As a “Mormon” my first reaction was ouch that you should be attacked because of “name withheld”‘s dislike of my faith. But then I remembered what Christ said to the accusers of the woman taken in adultery: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” and there were no stones thrown. I’m glad to see there is at least one person who considers himself or herself without sin.

    And by the way, I appreciate your sense of humor. I wouldn’t add anything by way of a tag line. I was not a Mitt Romney backer in 2007 when I started reading EFM because I didn’t want people to say “Oh he’s for Mitt because he’s a Mormon.” But you convinced me to come out of the political closet. Have been an avid reader since.

    Keep up the good work.

  19. ignoramus says:

    I am ignoramus which means “What do we know?” in Latin. As ignoramus I have the license to not be politically correct in order to make a point. I usually ask the question and the respondent will provide the answer that reveals his understanding. I am a Mormon with a sense of humor and honor and appreciate Terry, Nancy, David and don’t leave anybody else out..

    The big news is that Mitt finally owns the word Mormon! He is out of the closet! His new website is It looks like and and links to them when needed but he explains how he actually believes as a Mormon Businessman and the future President. It is new and you will not see it on Google yet (and may never) but it is there…tell your friends.

    Look up ignoramus for the other definition on wiki &

    • Mike (Green Eyeshades) says:

      I seriously doubt is one of the Romney campaign’s websites. There is no claim to that effect on the site, in fact, it doesn’t really say who’s running it. In my view, it looks like it was either set up by a Mormon who really likes Mitt Romney or an Obama supporter who wants to remind everyone that Mitt is still Mormon and all that it entails. Either way, I’m not sure that a site like this is helpful. If someone wants to learn about Mitt there are plenty of places they can go. (Not the least is this site). If someone wants to learn about Mormonism, there are plenty of places they can go for that as well.

      As Nancy and David have said many times, ‘we are not electing a pastor-in-chief,” and I would add we are not electing a Stake President-in-chief either.

    • Phil says:

      Interesting website but it’s not Romney’s, as you suggest. Just looking through it you can tell it’s not a professional website. Furthermore, the links and stories on the site, while good, are very unlikely to have been chosen by his campaign. I doubt very much that the top choice would be to show Mormon members Cesar Aedo and Moroni Bing Torgan. It would be more logical to link info about Gladys Knight, Thurl Bailey, David Archuletta, or Glenn Beck. Romney is running for POTUS, not for the UN.

  20. ignoramus says:

    Mike and Phil, I thought it might have been a Trojan Horse thing as you did, but Mitt has held this site since 2007 using his home address. When Mitt dropped out in 2007 it was carefully calculated. Mitt has a historical perspective and is as his close friends colleagues have noted, “wicked smart”. There are a cluster of writers, each appealing to a different personality personality type. He goes straight for the point with not apology. PC and apologetic conversations are not Mitt’s style.
    As for “alien” examples the culture of Mormonism is that the human family has a lot of flavors. Spanish and Portuguese are more prevalent than English and the new Spanish translation of the Bible are more accurate than the King James version with the Roman Trinity still embedded. Mitt’s prints are all over that web site and the simple looking format is not so simple to the experienced web designer.
    The format shifts based on your browser to accommodate big screen and smart phone alike. It is to the point and has no distracting ads. Brief is best. I like it. It is going to freak a lot of people out, but face it, we ARE a peculiar people. We exodus, migrate, pioneer and evangelize and it’s been going on for 182 years. That’s who we are.

    • Mike (Green Eyeshades) says:

      Without directly contradicting you, I would again make the point that if this site was directly associated with Mitt Romney or the Romney campaign, it would say so. Anyone can put down any address they want when registering a website. If Romney is taking ownership for this site, why doesn’t it say so anywhere?

      As LDS, I find the articles and links interesting but I fear that non LDS voters might view this site with disfavor. The vast majority of voters who choose Romney will do so despite his LDS faith, not because of it (otherwise they would be Mormon already, right?). To use a site to emphasize his LDS background and all that it entails will turn off more voters than it attracts, in my view, and whoever is running this site should realize that.

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