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Oh my.

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3 Responses to Did the President Make an Oral Sex Joke about the First Lady?

  1. RC says:

    It’s time to put this bozo back into the “closet”. Like you, me and everyone else, we’re just tired of the whole kitten-ka-bootle. This President needs to take his “rainbow” and put it where the sun does not shine! (no pun intended) How low have we fallen? This President is a complete mess……………

  2. Terry says:

    What they “really” meant to say…

    We’re only human. Slips-of-the-tongue, mis-speaks (invention of new term intentional), verbal slip-ups, communication breakdowns between the brain and the tongue, poorly worded statements, whatever you want to call them, are going to happen. However, only in politics will you see the aforementioned pounced on by the opposition, taken out of context, then headlined like said gaff was just the most terrible, uncaring and shocking thing they have ever heard from a fellow human being. Why, anyone who feels that way is just mere inches–mentally and physically–from pushing granny over the cliff, starving every child in the country, robbing all the social security folks of every penny they have, and coming up with a plan that’s going to put every middle class working person out of a job.

    I’m fed-up with all of it.

    Take Romney’s statement of a few months ago when he said “I like to fire people”. The context was that if a company or service was not giving him a satisfactory return for his money, he had the right to fire them and find a company or service who would give him his money’s worth. Any reasonably intelligent person who read or heard the statement in context, could not possibly misunderstand his meaning.

    Emphasis on “intelligent”.

    So what happens? The opposition jumps on the statement, trims the meat from the bones, and ends up with, “Romney likes to fire people”. Then they link their version of what Romney meant with Bain Capital and a steel mill, and…WHAM!…a quote that causes a feeding frenzy among the main stream media, the reporters of which seem to care more about sticking it to Mitt than they do about reporting the actual truth.

    The other day I read a lengthy article about a man who was placing blame on big, bad, Mitt Romney for closing down a steel mill the man had worked at. The story was heart-wrenching. The man began showing up at Mitt rallies , giving Mitt grief for the closing of the mill. The only problem is that the closing occurred several years after Mitt had left Bain Capital. Mitt even went so far (why am I not surprised?) as to send the man a letter–via fax–expressing sympathy for the man’s plight and explaining why he, Mitt, had absolutely no control over the closing of the mill. After weighing the “evidence”, I wanted to tell the man that, if he hadn’t realized it by now, life is not fair. Sometimes, you just have to “gut it up” and get on with living rather than dwell over what you think should have been.

    So, what does this have to do with Obama? Gaffs aside and the fact that Obama was speaking at a GLTB affair, I can find no other interpretation of “Michele doesn’t go all the way down” than the patently obvious one. Bill Clinton was bad enough (admitting to a female college student what kind of underwear he wore). Obama’s confession/statement is…well…there are no words for it. Imagine a kid asking a parent what the president meant. The comment-taking in to account the visualization necessary to understand it in full–far out-strips Clinton’s confession.

    We don’t need an “R” rated president in office. We need the man whose last name begins with an “R”–Mitt Romney.

    And that time is coming.

  3. Phil says:

    I watched the clip, and also came to the same conclusion: judging from the fact that this at an LGBT activist gathering, and also by the reaction of the crowd, I don’t see how it could be anything but an oral sex joke. I knew 4 years ago that Obama was a “stealth” candidate, being an extreme liberal in disguise, and that his true colors would show by the time he had been in office for a couple of years. I know a number of people who voted for him who were fooled into thinking that he was as moderate as he tried to portray himself as in 2008. Now with him fully embracing the extremists in the LGBT camp and their supporters, and in his flaky interactions with foriegn leaders, those true colors are showing up more and more.

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