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I’m a big fan of WaWa and so is Gov. Romney.  This, however, I don’t appreciate:

NBC is taking heat again for selective editing a day afterpresenting video of Mitt Romney seemingly awestruck by the process of ordering a sandwich at a convenience store.

During an afternoon broadcast of “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” video of the GOP presidential candidate seemed to show a politician out of touch as he discussed ordering a hoagie at Wawa.

Thankfully, someone was at the speech filming it live.  You’ll be amazed at the clip NBC doctored and the real clip.

(Thanks, Michael, for alerting us to this.)


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9 Responses to Gosh, a Sandwich at a WaWa?

  1. Frozone says:

    Good Grief. The only way they can get anything on Romney is to life isolated statements completely out of context and string them together to create a new/false narrative. That’s bad enough, but then to reinforce it with shameful spin? Hidden agenda, much? Thanks to those that creatively posted the raw footage side by side. The new media rocks!!

  2. Liz says:

    That crusty older woman Ms. Mitchell was the one who thinks feeding ENSURE to Guantanamo folks is cruel and unusual punishment. Extremely devious and disengenous that older gal.

  3. Terry says:

    Who are they trying to kid?

    “MSNBC did not edit anything out of order or out of sequence and at no time did we intend to deceive our viewers,” Skowronski said.

    As I said–Who are they trying to kid?

    • Brandon from NJ says:

      MSNBC reminds me of Kirk in the “mirror universe” i.e. everything is all flipped over, and now the Klingons tule and it is officially wierd to do normal things, anyways, in the episode “Mirror, Mirror”. Loved the original series, they were well wittier and better in their humor than most of what passes as comedy nowadays.

  4. Brandon from NJ says:

    Okay, so NBC thinks ROmney doing a normal thing just like I would do is just SOOOOO MESSED UP. I mean, it’s like the “bully” story I mean, the funny part of this here is hey, I would get a sandwich at WaWa, hey I would really like a big gatorade or a icee, or perhaps an ice cream item out of the chest right now with summer in full swing if I stopped by a WaWa’s. Again, this is the new idiot agenda of the media, tell me that Romney is wierd for doing things that even I would do, and I am supposed to dislike him for that?

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Brandon, I think the larger point the conservative shows were trying to explain was that Mitt Romney was not talking about ordering a sandwich because he doesn’t normally do it, etc., but instead he was talking about how the private sector has so much innovation, and the public sector requires countless papers to accomplish even a forwarding address … The clip was edited it to make him look out of touch with normal people, he was actually talking about how the govt inefficiency, and how it is crippling businesses like WaWa’s who are innovative.

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