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In three months, we might have a sportsman for our Vice President!  Over at Patheos, Zeke Pipher shares why this thought thrills him and explains how sportsmen and women help our country thrive.

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One Response to A Sportsman Vice President?

  1. R Garden says:

    For years, I’ve heard pastor after pastor say that we shouldn’t vote for non-Christians. I’ve heard right-wing evangelicals say Obama is a muslim, so he shouldn’t be president. Now you want me to vote for a person who believes that he’s going to be the messiah of a universe that he’s working to inherit.

    Are you kidding me? Please.

    No wonder people have a negative view of Christianity. Right-wing evangelicals bend and twist and contort to accommodate their politics.

    I do NOT believe, as Romney and his camp have said, that he will save the country. He is NOT, nor will he ever be, the messiah of anything. The mormon “faith” is the epitome of anti-Christ. It tells the same lie that satan told the original couple–namely that humans are more than God made them. I am entirely against a mormon ascending to the highest office in the land to confirm in any way his warped world view.

    And shame on you for thinking that a platform and economic plan that cuts to the bone all services to the poor to shovel more money to the rich aligns with your moral values. Those are NOT Christ’s values.

    Perhaps I’m being unfair. Let me take a step back.

    Do you know Christ? If so, how could you think that demonizing people on welfare is morally acceptable and that establishing God’s kingdom as secular law is His will? Read the New Testament–ANY BOOK–to correct your thinking on the poor. And read the crucifixion story to correct the rest of the political ideas that you hold more dear than Christ’s teachings.

    How are you any different than the Pharisees or the Jews who expected Christ to establish a governmental authority, then condemned Him when He INTENTIONALLY didn’t? Christ suffered and died for sinners. He didn’t collaborate with the Roman authorities to set laws to make people follow God’s way.

    Try being a little more Christian and a little less republican.

    I pray that Romney is NOT elected. And I pray that you evangelicals for Romney will either (a) stop claiming to be Christ’s ambassadors (because you’re making it harder for the rest of us who are actually trying to live like Christ rather than condemn and judge people to feel righteously indignant) or (b) stop being political hacks and start serving Christ seriously, which has so, so, so very little to do with casting a vote. Voting does NOT equal giving your life for people who don’t deserve it.

    You WISH it was as easy as casting a vote and setting a law. You have no credibility. All you want to do is tell people how to live–from a safe distance where you don’t get any of their dirt on you. Check your walk, people. Check your walk.

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