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Ross Douthat has a great column in the New York Times this weekend about Gov. Romney and his faith.  Here’s a preview:

So far, Romney has said very little about his faith in this campaign, which is clearly how he likes it. Indeed, his campaign has pushed back vigorously against even innocuous press coverage of Mormon folkways and beliefs, on the theory that trying to explain a much-distrusted, much-misunderstood religion could only distract from the economic message.

But across a long summer of negative attacks, the Obama campaign has succeeded in weakening that message, and turning the conversation to Romney’s character instead. This means the Republican convention can’t just offer an extended indictment of the Obama record; it also needs to reintroduce Romney in a more thoroughgoing way. And if his faith ends up on the cutting-room floor, this reintroduction will be missing something that’s not only essential to the candidate’s life story, but also helps makes the case for his worldview.

Read it.

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4 Responses to From Ryan Back to Religion

  1. Evan Maughan says:

    Not a bad article at all – what is sad is the comments afterward. I know that the crowd that reads the Times these days are by a vast majority left wing-nuts, but it was frustrating none the less. I will often post replies when I feel something needs to be emphasized or an error corrected. To the comments on this article, I just felt dumbfounded. The ignorance level so high, the comments so stupid, I did not know where to start.

    Thanks again to the French family for their efforts, and hope more and more evangelicals will come to appreciate Romney in spite of theological differences. But the left!? What do we do about the left? Good is now evil and evil is good. That was the problem with reading those comments, the left seems so far gone, I wonder if they will be forever lost in ignorance, forever unhappy while not understanding why.

  2. Terry says:

    Too bad that the comments section of the article was closed–I would have posted. I’ve found that where ever there is a discussion about Mormonism by non-Mormons, idiocy usually reigns supreme. One wonders if it is worth the frustration to even try and correct the untruths.

    On second thought, perhaps it is best that the comments were closed. Probably saved myself an hour or so of wasted time.

  3. Brandon from NJ says:

    A little delayed, but I like it, it’s important that people in general don’t try to find some red herring to seek, but rather show an honest interest in the issues at hand. Romney and his pick, which I admitted I was hoping for Paul Ryan for a long time, finally came to fruition. I actually like the fact that Romney for the most part isn’t distracted by everything that gets thrown at him, it’s just not practical for him to sit around and either stoop to the level of those who argue, or simply answer everything, the biggest, and most important rule of Romney’s campaign is his need to show that he’s responsible and in charge of it.

    Terry, if there’s anything to be said about untruths, I have found that sometimes not all battles of misinformation can be won, or at least end within minutes of their start because sometimes the other person is very insistent on simply being there to argue, I will admit, not the same situation, but probably one that we both shared in common, where you end up arguing with someone over the existence of God, such arguments never end. However, you can be willing to give a closing comment, and walk away from the situation.

    I wouldn’t consider it a probably good Terry, sometimes it’s just time to close off some discussions because most practical people don’t have all day or all night to keep a discussion, or an argument going, it’s a practical part of life that most people who are living in a practical manner understand.

  4. Cache says:

    Just have to say I think it strange that so many people think Mitt talking about his Mormon religion is so important and needful.
    I would think people (including me) would be bored to tears to hear someone going on about their religion, which ever one it should happen to be.

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