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A frequently discussed possible VP choice for Gov. Romney, Nikki Haley announces that her husband is being deployed.

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3 Responses to Governor Nikki Haley’s Husband to Deploy to Afghanistan

  1. silver says:

    Nikki Haley’s Husband – Michael Haley – VOLUNTEERED to go to Afghanistan. He wanted to go and I wouldn’t be surprised if Nikki didn’t push him to go – that way she can get everybody to feel sorry for her and get sympathy votes.

    • Evan Maughan says:

      Judging Nikki’s heart so harshly based on what…? Are you a close relative, friend, mind reader? Maybe Mr. haley just wants to support his nation. Possibly he wanted to earn combat time – good for his career. Could it be that he is trying to set an example? Maybe he is sick of politics and all the attacks that come at him and his family from ignort folks who always try and see the worst in their family.

    • Tawn Kent says:

      I would first like to say thank you to Michael Haley for unselfishly volunteering to serve our country. I was
      stunned to read the calloused and egregious remarks that were directed toward Nikki Haley. It is one thing
      to disagree with a public official for political reasons but to show callous disregard for the feelings of a public
      figure or her family goes beyound the pale. I have previously read remarks like this from members of Code
      Pink who hold no respect for the feelings of public figures or members of their families.

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