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Don’t believe the media.

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2 Responses to Romney is Right

  1. RC says:

    Forty years years ago, you could actually trust 95% of the media to get the correct information to you. Over these last 40 years, there has been an evolution in the media which has brought them to the point of not only being flagrant and blatant about their liberal position and their evil lies, but, they have actually come “out of the closet” in complete defiance of the truth. Hence, since Mitt Romney stands for truth – you guessed it!

    The problem here lies with “the People”. It really chaps my hide to see so many Americans in a lazy state, an apathetic state and blind sheep state that they don’t give a rat’s @## about this country’s demise. Because of this political scene that is before us, I am trying to do my part by being BOLD in my stand for truth, and personally I don’t care if it offends, I am telling it the way it is – nothing barred………..

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