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After responding to yet another media inquiry regarding the Mormons, evangelicals, and Christianity, I decided to answer all the deep questions of Christian theology in one, 171 word blog post.

You’re welcome!

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One Response to Evangelicals, Mormons, and Christianity: The Glossary!

  1. anchan says:

    I thought this post was hilarious! Way to go. The “emergent Christians” illustration says it all. I have been speaking to fellow members of my Church and other family and friends about the growing trend of believing in God but not attending Church. Even leaving theology aside, how do people who are never challenged on their ideas about God or religion know their beliefs are not completely apostate? The answer is: they don’t. Their God could more closely resemble Zeus and they would never know it. In fact, that’s probably how Zeus came into being; it’s easy to imagine God is like us and endorses everything we do when there is no one to tell us otherwise. This is another very good reason for people to attend church. It’s probably not a bad idea for us all to have theological discussions.

    The CJCLDS are having their General Conference this weekend. While I don’t think they will endorse Mitt, I am really hoping to hear some talks about religious freedom. Elder Quentin L. Cook has an article in the Church’s September issue of the magazine, THE ENSIGN, about religious freedom. Elder Oaks has also been pretty hard-hitting lately in this area. I hope people are listening and reading.

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