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When I first saw President Obama’s new ad…well, I didn’t think it could be President Obama’s new ad. It’s so appalling that I thought it must’ve been issued by some independent group. But it wasn’t.

When I learned it actually was President Obama’s new ad, I was furious. While very little in politics shocks and enrages me today, it does shock and enrage me that the President of the United States would approve and promulgate an ad with blatantly sexual content (not to mention sexual content that denigrates the traditional ethics of the President’s own faith).

But now that I’ve had a minute to calm down, I’m thrilled. Because this country is not yet Europe, hard as the President and his allies are trying to get us there, and this dog ain’t gonna hunt. This ad is a great blessing and it’s going to fire up all kinds of daddies like me to get out, vote, and make sure we have a President Romney.

Merry Christmas in October! Here’s the ad:

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5 Responses to It’s Christmas in October!

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  2. Liz says:

    Turned my stomach! Nothing like the visual imagery of Obama and Biden out trolling for underage and generally youngish girls. Disgusting. Please let this end. ASAP. Our country is so better than this.

  3. Terry says:

    Even campaign desperation should have a boundary somewhere. Note to the Obama team: Shame on you! What would Big Bird think?

  4. Mike (Green Eyeshades) says:

    Charles is right. This ad is going to turn off more voters that it attracts. If it doesn’t, our nation is in serious trouble.

  5. Phil says:

    Yuck! Obama’s team is advertising to appeal to the immature, self-absorbed, morally confused “cool” teen-ager vote. Good luck with that. It will alienate those who see it for what it is: a desperate attempt to get votes by descending to the lowest common denominator, revealing a total lack of integrity.

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