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It’s time for conservatives to understand that our message of self-reliance is quite frankly terrifying to millions.  So what to do?

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3 Responses to Conservatives’ Terrifying Message

  1. Larry Easton says:

    David and Nancy,

    As you well know, I was no fan of the Romney nomination. That said, I supported it and hoped for the best. Indeed, I found myself caught up in the optimistic certainty of the campaign’s last several weeks. Romney’s internal pollsters really do have some explaining to do though. Rather than dumping money in PA, MI and Wisconsin, they clearly should have been nailing down Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Colorado. Oh well.

    At any rate, I simply wanted to say that while I would have preferred to see you exhaust yourselves for some other candidate, I deeply admire your the fact that you did invest yourselves to entirely in the effort. The spirit of your effort was inspiring … the “stuff” that made our nation a nation.

    Hopefully I’ll find myself fighting for the candidacy of someone we can both believe in next time around … when your in a foxhole, you want to share it with warriors. The fight for our future continues and I, for one, am encouraged that we have people of your character and commitment among us.

    I pray you swiftly recover from your weariness and despondency and return cheerfully to the battle.

  2. R J Peck says:

    Mitt Romney was the best person ever to run for president. The reason we loose elections is because of the apathy of all of the American people. There are 240+ million people 18 years old and older in this country, 25% of that voted for Obama, when we can not get 50% of the people to vote what can we expect except for the outcome to be bad.

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