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After hundreds of millions of dollars, after months of frantic campaigning, and after debates, controversies, and scandals, it has all come down to the closest pre-election polling in American history.  At Evangelicals for Mitt, we have but one question:

Who wants it more?

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3 Responses to Who Wants it More?

  1. RC says:

    Tomorrow is the day of reckoning. I want that last “inch”. I will do anything for that last “inch”. Seriously, it brings tears to my eyes when I look at all of my fellow Americans joining these rallies across the country. Thousands, upon thousands want that last “inch”. Today is the last day to want that “inch”. Make a difference. I feel and know in my gut that Romney will become the victor. And when he does, I know as sure as I am alive, I will literally break down and become very emotional.

  2. Sharon says:

    Dear Nancy and David,

    Thank you so much for supporting the best candidate who I firmly believe would have turned this country around. Thank you so much for putting yourselves on the front lines to help move Governor Romney’s campaign forward over these many, many months. Thank you so much for seeing that a man who has lived his life and his faith with integrity is worthy of the trust and support of people who also share and promote those same values.

    My words cannot adequately express the deep heartfelt gratitude I have to you and everyone who has participated on this blog. Your positive words, and their words, often came to me like welcome rain to a sun parched desert. The MSM has not done their job and they have lost all credibility with me.

    May God bless you and yours, and may we cross political paths again as we all strive to be a united voice for righteous principles and in supporting good candidates for office in a society that is morally declining. We must all stand together in promoting good, despite the theological differences which divide us, or we shall surely fall separately.

  3. Brandon from NJ says:

    Nancy and David, thank you for all your efforts and hard work to promote a man of decent character. I have also thanks to offer for those who participated in this blog with me. Even as times may not be so great for all people in America, it’s great to know that there are people like Nancy and David who promote civil discussion, and also exemplify the kind of thrift, hardworking people that we should be. I wish also to add to the words of Sharon that yes, the really important factor here is that we can commence, and take along with us the important message that it’s time for us all to work together to exemplify and carry on with our work in supporting decent candidates, and participating in good, honest service always.

    Wish you all the best, and hope to meet or continue discussions at another place and time.


    Brandon M. Wilkes

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