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EFM’s resident Yankee, Charles Mitchell, works in the non-profit arena in his native Pennsylvania. He graduated summa cum laude from Bucknell University, where he was featured in a New York Times Magazine cover story and, more importantly, where he was converted to Christianity. He was subsequently a colleague of David French’s at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, during which time Human Events named him one of the top 10 young conservative activists in America, and then the program director at the American Council of Trustees and Alumni. Charles has been interviewed on C-SPAN, NPR, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and The News Hour with Jim Lehrer and has written for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Townhall.com, the Harrisburg Patriot-News, and other publications. Charles and his wife, Charissa, live near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with their daughter, Adeline, and are members of New Covenant Fellowship, a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America.

When I first saw President Obama’s new ad…well, I didn’t think it could be President Obama’s new ad. It’s so appalling that I thought it must’ve been issued by some independent group. But it wasn’t.

When I learned it actually was President Obama’s new ad, I was furious. While very little in politics shocks and enrages me today, it does shock and enrage me that the President of the United States would approve and promulgate an ad with blatantly sexual content (not to mention sexual content that denigrates the traditional ethics of the President’s own faith).

But now that I’ve had a minute to calm down, I’m thrilled. Because this country is not yet Europe, hard as the President and his allies are trying to get us there, and this dog ain’t gonna hunt. This ad is a great blessing and it’s going to fire up all kinds of daddies … Read the Rest »

Ross Douthat has a great column in the New York Times this weekend about Gov. Romney and his faith.  Here’s a preview:

So far, Romney has said very little about his faith in this campaign, which is clearly how he likes it. Indeed, his campaign has pushed back vigorously against even innocuous press coverage of Mormon folkways and beliefs, on the theory that trying to explain a much-distrusted, much-misunderstood religion could only distract from the economic message.

But across a long summer of negative attacks, the Obama campaign has succeeded in weakening that message, and turning the conversation to Romney’s character instead. This means the Republican convention can’t just offer an extended indictment of the Obama record; it also needs to reintroduce Romney in a more thoroughgoing way. And if his faith ends up on the cutting-room floor, this reintroduction will be missing something that’s not only essential to the

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There’s been a fair amount of coverage over the past few days of the first sitting U.S. Congressman to enter a same-sex marriage.  That would be Barney Frank, a Democrat from Gov. Romney’s home state of Massachusetts.

Such news about Rep. Frank is not, in and of itself, remarkable.  He isn’t exactly reticent about his views or sexuality.  But the officiant of the ceremony did strike me as remarkable.  It was Deval Patrick, the current Governor of Massachusetts and Gov. Romney’s successor in that role.

If Gov. Romney were still in office today, I am sure he would go out of his way to be gracious toward Congressman Frank–and as I’ve written previously, I think that’s the right approach.  But the contrast between him and Gov. Patrick, who is a huge ally of President Obama, could not be clearer, nor could the political atmosphere out of which Gov. … Read the Rest »

Over the weekend, The New York Times ran an interesting piece by Jodi Kantor on the role of Gov. Romney’s religion in his life.  It was less interesting, honestly, due to what it revealed about Gov. Romney as opposed to what it implied about the mainstream media today.

As to Gov. Romney, there’s little there you didn’t know before reading it.  He used to teach Sunday school.  He tries to apply the tenets of his faith to his daily life.  He works hard.  He and Mrs. Romney pray about big decisions.  He’s big on marriage between a Mr. and a Mrs.  He believes God did shed his grace on thee, America.  He doesn’t cuss and only recently stopped using substitutes for profanity that sound funny in today’s culture (“golly” and the like).  He thinks personal virtue matters.  And so on.

Basically, the piece paints a picture of a man who’s … Read the Rest »

Fair warning:  The following comes from someone whose friends named a cocktail after him that is based upon the Old Fashioned.  (That should be enough to offend someone in just about every camp.)

I listened to Gov. Romney’s commencement address at Liberty University yesterday, and I have to admit:  I was prepared for the worst.  Yes, I am both an evangelical and a Romney fan, but I also live in reality.  And if you live there, it’s tough to deny that we evangelicals can be tough to please–and that the Romney campaign doesn’t have a track record of cracking our code consistently.  Having confessed that, let me say that I agree with Santorum fan Tony Perkins and others (probably a first this cycle!) that Gov. Romney hit a grand slam home run.  The main reason is that he made clear that there is a difference between theology and values.  … Read the Rest »

From an e-mail to his supporters:

The family and its foundational role in America’s economic success, a central point of our campaign, was discussed at length. I was impressed with the Governor’s deep understanding of this connection and his commitment to economic policies that preserve and strengthen families. He clearly understands that having pro-family initiatives are not only the morally and economically right thing to do, but that the family is the basic building block of our society and must be preserved.


The primary campaign certainly made it clear that Governor Romney and I have some differences. But there are many significant areas in which we agree: the need for lower taxes, smaller government, and a reduction in out-of-control spending. We certainly agree that abortion is wrong and marriage should be between one man and one woman. I am also comfortable with Governor Romney on foreign policy matters,

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Item 1: Secular headline blares, “Mitt Romney’s Long Fight Against Gay Marriage.”

Item 2: Conservative evangelical headline charges, “Romney goes full Etch-A-Sketch twice on gay agenda.”

Item 3: Longtime Romney skeptic blasts conservative writers who leaked from off-the-record meeting.

Some loving advice for the conservative echo chamber, from a longtime pal:  When your opponents see someone as a big ally of yours, yet you continue to kick sand in his face, and then a frequent critic of that would-be ally in your own camp tells you (on a different but related front) that you’re being childish, it might be time to check yourself.

It is one thing to reject real Republicans In Name Only.  That’s why I’ve never voted for the preeminent RINO, who comes from my state, former Sen. Arlen Specter.  It’s another to become a “clanging cymbal,” and I fear that’s where … Read the Rest »