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What are the ten things Americans think about Mormons and a Mormon president? Gallup has tried to determine that. A few points I found interesting:

- As far back as 1967, only three-quarters of Americans said they would vote for an otherwise well qualified person who was a Mormon. This year – some 40 years later – the results to this question are almost exactly the same.
- More Americans said they would vote “comfortably” for a Mormon (Romney) than would vote comfortably for a candidate who would be 72 years of age (McCain), or for a candidate who has been married for the third time (Giuliani).
- Liberals have much more negative views of the Mormon religion than conservatives or moderates.

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How did Gov. Romney do?

Very, very well. He made himself some history. The words he said will likely have a real and positive impact on his fortunes. The speech’s main and immediate achievement is that foes of his faith will now have to defend their thinking, in public. But what can they say to counter his high-minded arguments? “Mormons have cooties”?

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In my opinion, there is a time for reading tabloids (you’re sick, you’re in the grocery store, you’re at work). And when I read them, my favorite part is the “Stars…They’re Just Like Us!’ section. Who doesn’t want to see Reese Witherspoon pumping gas or Jennifer Garner buying groceries? Which is why you should click this link to watch Gov. Romney playing some flag football. Via CNN.… Read the Rest »

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An email from my loving father:

Did you see who Chuck Norris is endorsing? Mitt no longer has a chance.
Love, Dad

It should be known that my dad likes to give me a hard time. But he IS a big Walker, Texas Ranger fan.… Read the Rest »

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I don’t know which made me sadder – the Cubs getting swept in the first round of the playoffs, or seeing Hillary Clinton wearing a Cubs hat. Regardless, I highly enjoyed this piece USAToday put together on Major League Baseball players and owners that have contributed to political campaigns. Sadly, my man D. Lee is an Obama supporter. But Gov. Romney gets his fair share of support from MLB. Is this of great importance? Well, no. But neither are pictures of animals that Charles ate this week.
Oh, and if you consider country music stars’ political contributions of great importance, you can read all about that here.… Read the Rest »

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Hmmm….my last post showed up 3 times. Neither me, Steve, or Nancy can fix it. I think it’s God’s way of telling EFM readers to pay close attention to my posts. Obviously.… Read the Rest »

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Martin Frost is shocked at the apparent religious discrimination he sees working against Gov. Romney in the South. A few excerpts:

As a Democrat, I wouldn’t vote for Romney in the general election if he is nominated by the Republican Party. But I’ll be damned if I can understand why he should be disqualified from seeking his party’s nomination because of his religion. This makes no logical sense in the world’s greatest democracy in the 21st century.
Mormons pay taxes, can wear the uniform of our county, and can die for our country. There are Mormon members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. And yet significant numbers of voters believe they are not qualified to serve as president.
I love my country. But that doesn’t mean that my country doesn’t disappoint me from time to time.

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Having the chance to hear all the Republican presidential candidates speak this weekend, a few things stuck in my mind. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I’m tired of religion becoming nothing more than a buzzword to candidates. Likewise, I’m in Reagan-exhaust. I love Ronald Reagan as much as the next conservative and I could go for another president like him, but I’m so tired of hearing candidate after candidate reference Reagan. He, too, has become a buzzword. And lastly, as the NRO editors point out much better than I could, I’m tired of the candidates staying in the past, instead of focusing on the present and future. Yes, past records are important, but isn’t the point of an election about how they lead now and will lead us in the future?

This squabbling does not advance conservatism. The Republican party is in low esteem. Most Americans do not

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Well, I just got back from a jam-packed evening of passing out EFM buttons after an awesome speech by Gov. Romney at the FRC Washington Briefing. Since I assume all those that took buttons from me will rush home to logon to EFM, I just want to say welcome, and please take some time to peruse our humble blog.
And if any of you read Japanese newspapers, I was interviewed by a reporter for one covering the event. I’m just hoping my “He was a rockstar!!” quote translates.… Read the Rest »

Gov. Romney spoke to National Review Online earlier this week in regards to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Gov. Romney says:

“I will certainly make that point, to anyone who will listen, frankly, that this is a person who ought to be indicted under the Genocide Convention, and the reason for that is that I want to communicate to him but also to the people of Iran that he is a rogue actor — that his posture and his course for Iran is a dangerous course, and that the world rejects this man and his agenda.”

Full article.
Also discussed: health care, Iraq, and his “Strategy for a Stronger America.” And, if you just prefer the sound of his voice, you may download the full podcast. Bonus!… Read the Rest »