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It appears that National Right to Life is going to endorse Fred Thompson for President tomorrow. This is quite a head scratcher since Senator Thompson outlined a pro-choice philosophy just two weeks ago on Meet the Press (see more here and here).
I’m very troubled that one of the most important pro-life organizations in the country would endorse a candidate that opposes the Human Life Amendment, a key part of the Republican Party’s pro-life platform. Thompson’s talk of “criminalizing young girls” is also offensive, considering that this language is commonly used as a scare tactic by NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Any way you cut it, Senator Thompson is not talking the language of the pro-life movement.
Many believe that Senator Thompson has seen the light since his days of lobbying for abortion rights in the early 90s. But I’m becoming more and more convinced that there is only one Read the Rest »

Former California GOP Chairman Michael Schroeder put it well when asked about Governor Romney’s conversion on abortion:

If I have two candidates and one is against me on many things and another is a convert, I’ll go with the convert.

There has been much discussion lately on whether pro-lifers will just agree to disagree with Rudy on the issue of abortion. I can’t speak for the entire pro-life movement, but the answer is likely to be a resounding “no.” And why should we? After all, we have a proven pro-life convert in Governor Romney who is ready to defend life and tackle all the other key issues with an unmatched level of competency.
If it comes down to Rudy v. Romney, look for the pro-life movement to take Schroeder’s advice and gladly go with the convert.… Read the Rest »

Townhall.com columnist Michael Medved addressed the abortion issue today and how it relates to the three leading GOP presidential contenders (Romney, Rudy, and McCain). Medved is spot on when he writes that “…pro-life forces represent a clear majority so all the leading Presidential candidates try to appeal to this crucial component of the party.”
But Medved’s description of where each candidate stands on this issue includes a few glaring mistakes.
On Governor Romney:

Mitt Romney ran for Senate in Massachusetts claiming to be “pro choice” and did little to address the issue as governor, but now says he learned with experience and warmly embraces the pro-life cause.

It’s accurate to say that Romney was pro-choice when he ran for Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994. It’s also true that he now “warmly embraces the pro-life cause,” a reference to Romney’s genuine conversion on the issue.
But he “did little to … Read the Rest »

I’ve been extremely hesitant to weigh in on the brewing controversy about Senator Brownback’s claims that Governor Romney’s pro-life conversion may not be sincere. As a voter who places life issues above all else, I really don’t want to go on the offensive against Senator Brownback. He has been a champion of the pro-life cause. In fact, he’s been the most outspoken pro-lifer in the U.S. Senate.
But I am extremely disappointed, and frankly disgusted, with Brownback’s attempts to portray Governor Romney as weak on life issues. Pro-lifers who insist on viewing pro-life converts with skepticism do no favors to our cause. As has been chronicled here many times before, the pro-life movement strives to change hearts and minds and win folks to our side. Governor Romney has been extremely forthright about his past regarding life issues and on the circumstances that led to his conversion.
Contrast that with Senator … Read the Rest »

As a former political aide, I can testify that the words of former aides are worth notice for two main reasons: 1) they know the politician better than most and 2) the fact that they are “former” aides means their careers are no longer in the hands of the politicians they once worked for. Therefore, they are able to speak freely about their former bosses.
That’s partially why I was so interested in Nancy’s previous post discussing a recent Vanity Fair article about John McCain. It contains the following gem from a former McCain aide describing the Senator’s difficulty with social conservative issues, especially abortion and gay marriage:

Yes, he’s a social conservative, but his heart isn’t in this stuff. But he has to pretend [that it is], and he’s not a good enough actor to pull it off. He just can’t fake it well enough.”

His heart isn’t in … Read the Rest »

David Reinhard, associate editor of The Oregnonian, offers a thoughtful analysis of Governor Romney’s position on abortion and gay marriage. Mr. Reinhard echoes what we’ve been saying about the impact that pro-life converts have had on the movement:

But it’s also possible he had an authentic epiphany on the life issue. Many people have. If the pro-life movement didn’t let in converts, it would have done without the services of, say, Ronald Reagan.

Mr. Reinhard also rightly disputes the notion that Governor Romney has been inconsistent on gay marriage and related issues:

The recent criticism of Romney’s flip-flop on gay rights, on the other hand, is just silly. Critics point out that he reached out to (gay) Log Cabin Republicans in 1994. He promised to be a more effective supporter of equal rights for gays than Ted Kennedy. But then, in 2003, he came out in opposition to the

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